Monday, February 25, 2008


Yesterday, just a few days after the biggest snow of the winter, I felt the first hint of spring. As is so often the case when seasons change, the light -- more than the temperature -- sent the alert to my animal being. Yesterday was a brilliant clear day, and the sunlight was bright and warm, even though temperatures were chilly.

I went to the Zendo in the morning for our first service in the new space. It’s a nice space but it felt a bit cramped ("intimate” would be a friendlier way to put it). Yesterday we had unusually high attendance, though -- I doubt it will feel that tight during the course of a normal week.

Then I zipped out to Brooklyn to meet my friend Bryn for lunch and exploring in Greenpoint. We found some great graffiti and later Bryn’s partner Jeff made dinner, which was fabulous. Greenpoint is an interesting neighborhood, traditionally Polish but, like much of New York, changing and gentrifying. It was nice to be outside in that bright slightly spring-ish sunlight!

(Photo: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, yesterday.)


  1. There is nothing like early spring. I enjoy the change of seasons.

  2. It's true, spring is almost here. The trees are trying to bud and bulb flowers are showing the tips of their leaves. It's early for DC, but then we didn't really have winter this year.

    I noticed the differnce in the sunlight yesterday, too. Welcome, spring.

  3. My daffodils are poking up thru the snow.

    Ah yes, I remember the old days when Greenpoint was a dump. A lot of stores were out of business which always looks sad, and litter was everywhere. One of my friends rented the most dangerous apt. I have ever seen there-- rickety steps leading up to an attic apt.

    but Greenpoint had a nice park (the Monitor and the other ship --some monument)

    Dennis is harassing me--

    greenpoint was just begging to be gentrified!.

  4. voting this week --pls stop by.