Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Yesterday I was interviewed on video by, an organization devoted to increasing the number of Peace Corps volunteers worldwide. They put out a call for former volunteers who wanted to participate, and I spoke up. So a woman came to my office yesterday, put me on camera and asked about my Peace Corps experiences.

You may remember that I was in Morocco from 1992-94. So among other things, I told the interviewer that in this world, where religion is a subtext to so much hostility, it’s great to be able to draw on my direct experiences with Islam and Muslims. I know firsthand that they’re terrific, generous people, and I know something about their culture, and through me, they learned something about mine. Those are the kinds of benefits that Peace Corps brings -- the value of that personal interaction.

Anyway, we’ll see where this goes. It was a fun diversion from my workday!

(Photo: Avenue P, Brooklyn, July 2008)


  1. Very cool, Steve.

  2. How glamorous!!! When do we get to see it?

  3. I think you'd make a wonderful spokesmodel or spokesperson for the Peace Corps. You may just end up revisiting Morocco!

  4. hope your interview gets some good coverage....your perspective about religious tolerance is very needed!

    diversions are always welcome!

    countdown to theme thursday....steps... even if you don't write about it I expect you have a gazillion photos of steps and stairs!! tee hee!

  5. K: It's supposed to show up on YouTube at some point. When it does, I'll post the link.

  6. actually i have a rather interesting video of you too. shall i post that on youtube?