Friday, February 5, 2010


Completely unexpectedly, I had a job interview yesterday!

It all began Wednesday night. I'd just returned to New Jersey after a long, tiring day in the city -- stomping around Queens all morning and then taking care of some co-op business in the afternoon. I was exhausted. Lo and behold, an e-mail popped up on my computer from a major news organization asking for an interview!

So I barreled back into the city yesterday morning and went into a whirlwind of activity to prepare, assembling a packet of my writing samples and printing up fresh resumes. The interview seemed to go well, but it was very preliminary, so it's hard to tell. The job is appealing to me, at any rate, though it has the potential to completely change my recent plans to sell my apartment and move in with Dave.

I swear, things change so fast, I'm going to get whiplash from life.

Anyway, that's why yesterday's post was devoid of words. I just didn't have a chance to write anything, though I did at least blog from the road -- that sticker was just a funny item I found on a lamppost.

(Photo: A house in Dayton, New Jersey.)


  1. Sounds like a great beginning. There are probably other people who would like to hire you too, so remember you don't have to take the first one! I sort of liked the idea of your moving in with Dave and the dogs and living in NJ...

  2. Beginner's mind, Steve. Cultivate the not knowing. It'll keep you from developing whiplash.


  3. I hope you get the job. Great photo. How many of us would miss the shadow of the tree? Not you, that's for sure.

  4. woohoo
    and they came looking for you

    go easy steve.

  5. Love the photo. How perfect the shadow is, and you, for seeing it.

    Congrats on the job interview! I hope it all goes exactly as you would have it go.

  6. I hope all goes well...It seems I remember that Danish Coffee thing from somewhere...

    Stay warm!