Sunday, July 11, 2010


Dave and I flew to Florida today. We're hanging out with my family,
and on a walk tonight around the neighborhood we found this
spectacular butterfly. Turns out it's an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. We
also saw a horned owl, cardinals, bluebirds and deer. It's nice to be
back in my home state! (No fireflies, though.)


  1. Lookit you all I-Phone on it! You are so tech savvy!

  2. How are the beaches in your part of the state? Nature is the one thing I miss from Florida. Some of the (bigoted) people -- not so much. Hope you guys have a great visit!

  3. I kept trying to get a picture of a butterfly yesterday - but it wouldn't SETTLE anywhere. They sure are flitty creatures! This picture is great!

  4. My memories of Florida involve humidity. Yuk. But a spectacularly beautiful place none-the-less. Have a terrific visit.

  5. spanish moss is a fascinating plant

    "Look into the Spanish moss.
    Let your mind conjure up old ghosts.
    Ride your bike through lost Florida streets..."
    AG!spanish Moss cd

    how is the tampa sinkhole coming along?