Monday, July 26, 2010


We've arrived in the Detroit area after a fun drive yesterday across Pennsylvania and Ohio. (When you drive across it lengthwise, Pennsylvania seems to last forever, though I'm sure it can't compare to Texas!) I decided early on in our trip to pay attention to unusual place names. In New Jersey, we passed beneath both Rattlesnake Bridge Road and Petticoat Lane. In Pennsylvania we drove within a short distance of Lumber City, Glass City and Oil City -- and through a town with the wonderfully bucolic name of Snow Shoe. In Ohio I didn't notice any fun place names -- maybe Ohio is very serious, or maybe I was just tired!

We stopped for lunch in Clearfield, Pa., at Aunt Lu's Cafe, which is part of a big truck stop. Lots of locals in the restaurant, and quotes from famous people like Will Rogers and Neil Armstrong on the walls. I had blueberry pancakes. So home-town!

We're staying with Dave's parents, and they've been great hosts. Today we're off to Grosse Ile, the town where Dave grew up, and also to look around the city of Detroit a bit. We brought the dogs, so we're going to find a place to walk with them so they can get some exercise. They were great in the car, even all the way across the looooong stretch of Pennsylvania!

(Photo: Incongruously, Anna Maria Island last week.)


Reya Mellicker said...

Ah. LOVE road trips!

Barbara said...

I just reaffirmed how LONG Pennsylvania is... twice. The PA Turnpike is the most boring road ever, but it at least passes quickly if there is no road construction. We saw no such quaint place to eat and were happy to have our own food along since fast food was the only choice otherwise.

I will be interested to hear your reaction to Motown. Maybe I haven't given it enough of a chance. We once went to a good restaurant in Greek Town, one of the few places still surviving in downtown Detroit.

My husband grew up near Seven Mile Road in a neighborhood that has changed hands a few times since then.

You can learn a lot about Detroit by reading Middlesex. Have you read it?