Friday, July 9, 2010


Last night I went up to the library to hear a program by some local songwriters. I thought I could make a story out of it for my news blog -- and indeed, it worked out really well. At first I was worried because they were pretty much just singing, but they talked enough about their songs that I could cobble together a story. I added some video, and voila! Hyperlocal journalism at its best! (If I do say so myself.)

If you watch only one video, choose the first one. That woman was terrific.

I'm glad this came together, because I didn't have anything else to post. Plus I was stressed out last night -- I didn't even have time to eat dinner before racing off to this event, and then I had to wrestle with some large video files to get them down to a manageable size. So at least something came of it.

(Photo: Good advice from street art in SoHo, June 15.)


The Bug said...

I hopped over to watch the videos & I enjoyed them a lot. You're right - the first one is pretty amazing.

Barbara said...

There is some good local talent out there as you just demonstrated. The same is true with symphonic music. Many of the volunteer orchestras are first-class.

You may not be getting paid the salary you earned at the NYT, but you're having a lot more fun at work. And you are learning how to do new things and still meet production deadlines.

I'm sure these musicians appreciated the shout out!