Friday, July 23, 2010

Moving On

Well, I'd like to say I've been living in a fog of married bliss the past few days, floating on air and honeymooning in some virtual Tahiti. But truth is, life has pretty much resumed its normal pace.

Not that I'm sad about that. I'm a person of routines, as we all know, so I love walking the dogs in the morning, having my coffee and cereal, working a bit, going to the gym and such. And that's exactly what the past two days have been like -- busy, busy, busy with everyday stuff.

I've had quite a bit to do on the freelancing front, with a couple of articles in the works. I also appeared on a local TV show with the mayor yesterday (the day after he performed our Civil Union, coincidentally) to discuss the hyperlocal news Web site. I went to the gym, and then last night I went to this talk about Houdini, which was pretty interesting.

I've had a little more activity on the job front, and also on the apartment-sale front. Nothing I want to describe in too much detail lest I be jinxed, but it's all promising.

Life goes on!

(Photo: Clouds after sunset last night, spotted as I walked home from the library.)


The Bug said...

I like ordinary life very much thank you, so your day sounds great.

Crossing fingers & toes for you (well, maybe not toes - mine are kind of short).

Merle Sneed said...

Good luck with all that needs it.

37paddington said...

good luck on all fronts!

Reya Mellicker said...

Yes, life goes on. I'm so thrilled for you two.

Lorianne said...

Dogs are great enforcers of normalcy! Jim and I are looking forward to getting away from the Menagerie while we're in San Diego getting married next month, but we also know that after five days away, we'll be ready to return to the same ol' pet-tending routine.

After the ecstasy, the laundry, and the dog-leash, and the litter-box...