Friday, June 17, 2011


I went back into Manhattan yesterday to my doctor, to get the results of the tests he took last week for my physical. Everything was normal, hamdu'llah. I had a battery of blood tests, an EKG and even some x-rays, and I'm in good shape, which is a relief.

I'd been stressing a little about my health, I suppose in anticipation of this move. Dropping my health insurance and moving to a country with a national health care system that I don't really understand has been a source of anxiety, even though I've always been a perfectly healthy person. Now I know I'm in good shape.

The EKG was kind of strange -- the lab tech had to administer the test about four times, because, he said, something was wrong with the machine. I jokingly said, "You're sure it's not my heart, right?" He assured me it wasn't.

Off to England with a clean bill of health!

I also sold my meditation cushions -- I carried them into the city and met with a guy who bought them via Craigslist. Not that I'm never going to meditate again -- it just seemed silly to haul what are essentially two big pillows across the ocean. Dave seemed surprised that I wanted to sell them, but after all, a person can meditate anywhere. A chair is perfectly fine. There's nothing special about cushions.

(Photo: Trenton, on Wednesday)


Barbara said...

The photo is rather haunting, making me wonder who abandoned the doll and when and why.

Glad you checked out ok. I had to laugh at your letting go of your meditation cushions. Fortunately that is a practice that requires no props, so you will be fine. I think it is significant that you are parting with things that so defined your behavior here and launching off to start all over in a different space and place.

37paddington said...

that photo so contradicts the rest of your post. thankful for that.

this really happening, isn't it. i can think of NOTHING more exciting than to pick up with your loved one and move to a brand new place. London, yet!

you will have such fun choosing new meditation cushions in london.

Reya Mellicker said...

Yeah!! Great news about your health and what a gesture to sell your meditation cushions. You are clean as a whistle, Steve - good to go!!

e said...

I thought of you as I recently did a clean out of closets and books here. I think letting go of some of our stuff can open doors, letting in the realisation of what is important now rather than in the past. Best of luck in your new spaces.