Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I wish I could tell you I have something cohesive or even interesting to write today, but I really don't. I'm focused on limping through my last two weeks of work and getting things ready for our big move. I lie awake at night sometimes thinking about all the things we have to do, ranking and prioritizing and wondering what will happen if we don't get things done on time.

The good news is, Dave's coworker has agreed to take Ernie and Ruby until we can come back and get them in October. That removes a major psychological burden. Figuring out how to accommodate the dogs has been the most stressful part of this experience so far. (Wait 'til we go apartment hunting!)

In the middle of all this, I have the insane urge to take a trip up to Niagara Falls. I'm trying to talk Dave into taking a day off work and going with me for a long weekend. I'd like to do something to celebrate my final days of work, and I want to seize the opportunity to see the falls while we're relatively close. After all, even if we do come back to the states someday, we don't know where we'll land -- it may be nowhere near here.

I'm glad the Memorial Day weekend is over. I had to work two of the three days, so it was no holiday for me! I suppose none of this is very Zen -- worrying about the future and being happy to be rid of the past. But what can I say. It's where I am these days.

(Photo: Cape May, May 6)


37paddington said...

Go. See the falls. Take the time away from work before you start new jobs in England. We work too hard in this country and always think we're about to be fired, not calculating that we're burning ourselves out. Enjoy the falls for me too!

The Bug said...

You know, living in the middle of Ohio we're not THAT far from the falls either - & we've never been. Definitely go!

Reya Mellicker said...

I think a trip to Niagra Falls is definitely in order! The thing about moving is that you NEVER get everything done. Might as well have fun in the meantime!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

the falls are stupendous, just a few weeks ago i realized i've been three times (first time with em on a mother-daughter road trip when she was 6; and more recently twice when i worked at the hospital was part of a team working with health professionals from europe - and everyone wanted to see the falls!) poor feagin hasn't been yet... so we started thinking we need to get up there sometime SOON.

i did just schedule a b&b and reservations to see falling water for the weekend after this one...

don't the brits adore dogs - somehow that is my impression, so i hope that means you will have no problem when it comes to apartment hunting.

Barbara said...

All aspects of moving are stressful. Moving tends to stretch relationships to the limit. Just know that you will once again be settled sometime.

I'm so relieved that Ruby and Ernie have an interim place to live. I really wanted to keep them here, but as the person I live with pointed out, three old dogs under one roof might be a lot to take care of. I know you and Dave will miss them terribly until you can be reunited with them.

Take a weekend trip. You'll never miss the day, but you may regret not going if you don't.