Friday, June 24, 2011

Scenes from the Big Move

So here's how things looked in our apartment yesterday. The movers came and packed our stuff, and did an amazingly thorough job of wrapping our belongings. I actually didn't even take photos until they were almost finished, and it's just as well, because initially things were pretty chaotic, with stuff everywhere.

In the photo above, the mover is wrapping my dining room table, one of the two large items we decided to take. (The other is our mattress, which is almost brand new.) I took the picture to send to my dad, who built the table in the early 1960s while he was in graduate school. I thought he'd appreciate how well-protected it is.

This is the living room. The large, flat box to the right contains one of my Gaia prints. Again, I was impressed with the packing job.

More boxes, with some stuff on our other dining room table (Dave's old table) waiting to be packed. Dave's table and our remaining furniture is going to Michigan for storage and sale.

This is how the table ended up, just before being loaded onto a truck. As we understand it, the items will go from truck to shipping container, and when the container is full, it will head overseas by freighter. We've been told our stuff should arrive in 30 to 45 days. Better later than sooner for us, since we don't yet have an apartment!

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Barbara said...

This adds more than a touch of reality to what you have been telling us. I'm really impressed that your dad made the table. I knew your brother could do things like that, but didn't know your dad was a woodworker.

How will you get hooked up with all your stuff in the UK since you don't yet have an address? Just askin'...