Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sunny Days

We're having a spectacularly sunny week here in England. From a human perspective, it couldn't get much better -- comfortable temperatures, blue skies, hardly a visible cloud.

I've been taking advantage of the weather with lots of walking and photography. I walked more than five miles yesterday through Hackney, in northeast London, and on Monday I went to Brick Lane, the popular street art area. I have so many photos that I'll be uploading them to Flickr for a month!

There is a downside to this weather, though. Much of England is suffering a drought because rainfall has been lower than normal for two consecutive winters, and the authorities are talking about instituting "hosepipe bans." (I'm still not clear on exactly what a "hosepipe ban" is, but I think it's basically the equivalent of watering restrictions.) Fortunately, we have neither a lawn to water nor a car to wash, and I venture to say our water usage is pretty low.

I do worry about all the creatures that depend on water, though -- all the fish and amphibians. On Saturday I asked my friend Sally, who in past years made the appearance of tadpoles in her garden pond a feature on her blog, whether she'd seen any yet this year, and she said no. Maybe that's more a matter of chance than water shortage, but I can't help but think it's a tough year to be a frog.

(Photo: Hackney, yesterday.)


  1. Aww your last line made me a little sad. It does seem like it will be a warmer year. From a human standpoint I am happy, I love the heat. However, for the animals, I imagine it can get rough.

    Ms. M

  2. And yet San Pedro in the Atacama Desert of Chile, where there had been no rain for 17 years, has been deluged in the past 2 months. Go figure!

  3. Mike calls a water hose a "hosepipe" - I had never heard that before we moved to our house & needed a hose. I'm sorry to say that I kind of laughed at him (bad Bug!).

    I hope you guys get some rain - England is supposed to be damp!

  4. I do miss Sally's blog. :(
    Do you think she will ever take it up again?
    I agree with Bug; England + dry does not add up!

    P.S. we have plenty of frogs here in NJ!

  5. We have had days and days of rain- and more rain- I suppose it's a good thing, then...

  6. I miss Sally's blog too, Lynne! I haven't talked to her about it in a while but I don't get the impression she has any plans to return.

    Bug, I guess that's what a "hosepipe" is, then -- a garden hose. Makes sense!