Friday, March 2, 2012


We enjoyed an unexpected burst of pop-culture nostalgia last night while we were all sitting at dinner. My stepsister Jennifer mentioned a movie that scared her when she was little, involving mutant cockroaches that set fires. I remembered it too, and within a few minutes we'd retrieved the name of the movie, "Bug," using the Internet. It was a 1975 production starring a busy but somewhat undistinguished actor named Bradford Dillman, and a bunch of others whose names never quite reigned supreme in Hollywood.

Thinking it would be fun to watch, we searched for it on Netflix. It wasn't there. But then we found the entire movie posted to YouTube. We patched the computer into the television and spent the evening laughing at "Bug." It's fairly suspenseful in places! (Or maybe that was just the wine.)

Isn't the Internet amazing? One minute we're talking about an obscure movie from our childhoods, and the next we're watching it for free. That just blows my mind.

I'm off to Anna Maria Island today for the weekend, and I don't think I'll have computer access there. So look for blog updates beginning Monday. Enjoy a few days off!

(Photo: Bougainvillea in Key West.)


  1. When you said you watched Bug I thought "oh no!" There is another movie called Bug(2006) that drove me nuts. It's abut a dillisional man who thinks he is infested with bugs. He then meets Ashley Judd and proceeds to drag her into his disillusion too. It was very disturbing and I didn't enjoy it. I am glad your movie was much more entertaining.

    Those flowers by the Yoga studio are beautiful.

    Have a great time. I look forward to the pictures. :)

    Ms. M

  2. it is mindblowing what we can get off the internet!

    however i did have a recent experience when the internet didn't come through! i tried to find out when maytag sold a certain model of washer (backstory at my ma's and there was a problem with her washer) and she couldn't remember how old it was, i searched and searched to no avail. so there are some things we can't find....

  3. At first I thought it was a movie about me! But then I realized that such a movie most likely (definitely) doesn't exist :) I might have to check it out sometime before baseball season starts - ha!

    Have fun. We're off to NC for most of the week...

  4. It is kinda amazing that all this is at our fingertips. In class, I am discussing the past with my students and they are amazed at how far things have come since my childhood. No cell phones?! No computers?!

  5. "Bug" kicks ass. The fire-starting, meat-eating, flying, hissing, engineered cockroaches from hell. Awesome.