Friday, August 30, 2013

Mind Noise

If this stencil is supposed to be someone recognizable, it has failed me. Or maybe I've failed it. I kind of like it, though.

The mindfulness group at work is meeting again this morning, but because they meet before school starts it's really too early for me to attend. (My workday doesn't begin until 9:15 a.m., about an hour and a half later.) We've kicked around the idea of having an afternoon group of some kind. I've said I will lead it, which basically involves just ringing a bell, but so far I've only heard one other person say they may be interested and we haven't worked out any details. For now I'm being mindful on my own!

Last night I lay awake playing conversations with students through my head, trying to imagine what to say to them in circumstances that require a disciplinary voice. As you can imagine, I'm not extraordinarily experienced in cracking down on unruly kids. I need to not rehearse, though, you know? If I do, I'll just sound rehearsed. This is the focus of a lot of my mental energy at the moment, not that the students where I work require an extraordinary amount of discipline. (On the contrary, they're remarkably composed.)

The folks who run our housing estate on behalf of the local government have installed benches in the little grassy yard in front of our apartment building. That sounds much nicer than it actually looks. The benches are these wooden things, sort of spindly, and they've been augmented by stray chairs brought down by other residents. We're starting to look like a used furniture store!


  1. So, if I am understanding you correctly, the students are well behaved and have so far given you no reason to crack down on them, but you are trying to prepare yourself for when you might have to?

    I wouldn't worry too much. It will pop into your mind in the moment it happens (if it happens).

    Your outside seating sounds like a trailer park in the making! ;)

  2. Rather than the words you use to bring the students into line, just focus some of your Scorpionic energy on them. The words will not matter. They'll get it.

    What a fabulous opportunity for you! I'm excited for you to bring forth some fierceness. Awesome!

  3. It's a bit interesting to hear about your mindfulness group at work since it's a central theme at my work place.

  4. Utah: That's as good a guess as any! I was thinking some skinny-tie '80s rocker like Ian Curtis.

    Lynne: They're basically well behaved. I think you're right, though -- it will be obvious when I need to intervene and what I should say when that need arises.

    Reya: I have thrown a few glares!

    Junkthief: I guess it should be a central theme at everyone's workplace, really!