Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Return from Bath

We were men without a home yesterday. We checked out of our B&B about 11 a.m., and we had to wait for an evening train. So we stored our bags at the guest house and went back into central Bath to explore a bit more.

I took Dave and Olga down by the river, where I'd visited the day before. We had a pint in a pub and talked dogs with some of the locals. I'll say this for Olga -- she is a great conversation piece. Everyone wants to know her breed (we're not sure), her age (we're not sure) and whether she's had puppies (ditto).

Dave wasn't interested in any more sightseeing, so while he dog-sat I went to Bath Abbey. It's where King Edgar was supposedly crowned as monarch of a united England about a thousand years ago. There's a window commemorating his coronation.

After the Abbey we walked, and walked some more. We had lunch, we had coffee.

See our reflection in the teapot? Olga is giving Dave a big ol' wet kiss.

Anyway, we managed to kill the day, and we finally got on a train at 6 p.m. bound for London. The dog was so exhausted she fell asleep in our laps, and she's asleep even as I write this. I think it's going to take her a week to recover.

We got back to London shortly before 8 p.m., and the Notting Hill Carnival was still pounding its way through our neighborhood. The streets were rivers of people. The gutters were heaped with litter. Olga impressively braved the crowds without batting an eye, and we were relieved when we finally gained the sanctuary of our apartment, where the windows were vibrating to the thud of the bass from the music in the street below. (Not that much of a sanctuary.)

Fortunately, though, the mayhem didn't last much longer. The music stopped between 8:30 and 9 p.m. and when I looked out the window about 10 p.m., most of the people had dispersed. Street sweepers were left to cope with the mountains of Red Stripe cans and jerk chicken bones.

Mission Accomplished -- we survived another Carnival!


  1. We do the same thing in February...leave town! There is a thing called Gold Rush Days and in the little town of Wickenburg, Az of about 4000 people the population will rise to about 20,000. Almost all the locals leave...

  2. Well, I guess that's one good thing about living in Lloyd. No festivals at all. We do leave sometimes to escape the heat and bugs, though. Ha!
    Glad y'all made it home safely and that Olga was such a good traveler. Now I hope you can all get a little rest.

  3. Whew!

    I knew you would prevail.

    A beautiful post, Steve. You are writing beautifully these days.

    Love the teapot pic - of course.

  4. Very wise of you to escape the mayhem of the carnival. I think I would do the same if I were in your shoes.

  5. thanks for taking us along on your trip!! i loved it!! :0)

  6. Before I scrolled all the way down I thought the teapot was a caramel apple - ha! And now I REALLY want a caramel apple. Hmmm...

    Glad you made it home safe & somewhat sound :)

  7. I thought Olga was for sure a Staffy?? You aren't sure? Yeah, maybe allowing her up in your laps might have been a mistake! :) She looks cute up there though.

    Glad you had an escape from the craziness around your flat. I would leave too.

  8. Ain'r: It's pretty disruptive to have events of that size in neighborhoods where people live. I have mixed feelings about it. I understand Carnival is an important event, but I wonder if it can't be better contained or managed.

    Ms Moon: No festivals would be a blessing! I'm not really a festival person in general.

    Reya: Thanks for the kind words, though I feel like I'm writing pretty slap-dash entries. I knew you'd like the teapot pic! :)

    Sharon: Absolutely!

    Vivian: Good. :)

    Bug: Ha! You're very suggestible! :)

    Lynne: Well, she's a Staffie, but she's a mix. We don't really know exactly what's in there. Some say Pit Bull, some say American Bulldog, some say Bull Terrier. No telling.