Monday, August 19, 2013

Oddities from a Lazy Sunday

This pretty much describes the mood around here yesterday. I'd taken Olga on a long morning walk so she was worn out. We were watching "Auntie Mame" when I took this photo -- the movie is playing on my computer in the background, hooked up to our television. We moved on to "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" after that. Sunday movies need to be very retro!

Remember how I mentioned that the neighborhood is putting up plywood barriers once again to protect against the crowds drawn by the Notting Hill Carnival (which is next weekend)? And how some of those plywood walls get re-used every year? Well, this poster, which I found on a barrier a few blocks from our flat, gives a good indication of just how old some of them are!

And here's an unusual find on the streets of London -- a big ol' American pickup truck. A Chevrolet Cheyenne, to be precise. Olga and I walked past it yesterday. I'd guess it's from the mid-70s, and it really is American -- it had Hoosier and Daytona 500 stickers in the back window.

Not to mention this "Spirit of '76" bumper sticker! Remember those? Ah, the bicentennial!


Ms. Moon said...

That truck is someone's pride and joy. I bet you anything.

e said...

Cute photo of Olga...I wonder who owns that truck?

Vivian said...

this picture of really shows how big her head is!! wow she is so pretty.

The Bug said...

I want to watch It's a Mad (etc.) World again! Everyone needs to have madcap Mondays or something. Hmmm...

I love how contented Olga looks (I almost typed Lola - ha!).

Lynne said...

Olga is just too darned cute!

Linda Sue said...

great way to spend a Sunday! Olga agrees, I think, and by the look of your well spaced toes you have worn good shoes all of your life! Fancy a pick up in London! that is just silly!

37paddington said...

Olga looks like she is in heaven. And that P Diddy poster looks like art with all the wear and weathering, whereas it was ordinary before.

Steve Reed said...

Ms Moon: I think so too -- especially when you consider how much it must have cost to ship it over here!

E: It says Portobello Bags (I think?) on the side, so must be someone associated with a business.

Vivian: She's a beaut! She's really not THAT big -- about 35-40 pounds.

Bug: It's a great movie to watch over and over, because the plot almost doesn't matter. It's more about watching all those brilliant old comics.

Lynne: Isn't she?!

Linda Sue: I buy good shoes, but I probably wear them too long because I'm too cheap to replace them!

Angella: I agree! I love weathered old posters and street art. For me, the weathering really adds to the beauty, and I'd almost rather find weathered art than fresh art!