Thursday, August 15, 2013

Not A Lot Of News

I went to Soho yesterday to see "Frances Ha," the new-ish film by Noah Baumbach that seems to have garnered pretty positive reviews, at least the ones I've read. It was good -- fun and smart in a talky, twentysomething, New Yorky way. While there, I noticed an unusually large number of guys walking around in blue plaid kilts, apparently gearing up for the England vs. Scotland football game last night at Wembley.

It was good to get out of the house. I thought I'd give Olga some time by herself, so she can continue to get used to it before I start work on Monday. Her dog-walker comes today for the first time, so we'll see how that goes.

Otherwise, I vacuumed. I washed the sheets. Not much going on in this corner of the world!

(Photo: Soho, yesterday.)


  1. What is that storefront you've photographed?

    Thanks for your offer of recipes...I graciously accept!

  2. Yes, exactly what kind of shop is Cucumba? I see "dermatology" in the window? Love it! The Urban Pit Stop!

  3. Hey- at least you went to a movie! Do they do foot massages at that place? If so, I would love to go there.

  4. That reminds me - I need to wash sheets. Ugh. That means making the bed.

    You had asked what a ghost orb is - I think it's those little round things that appear in pictures sometimes (probably something to do with light or dust?). There are people who believe that those little orbs are ghosts or spirits.

  5. "Cucumba" makes we want to hang out in Marietta Square tomorrow... or Little Five Points... or anywhere Bohemian.

  6. E: At first I thought it was a cafe, but no, apparently Cucumba is a sort of spa/facial/manicure kind of place ( I sent you a recipe, by the way!

    Lynne: See above!

    Ms Moon: I'm sure they would treat feet!

    Bug: Ah, THAT's a ghost orb -- what we pseudo-photographers would call "lens flare." Or maybe just dust on the lens, as you said!

    Nancy: Go for it! And blog about it! :)