Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Olga's Crack-Dealing Doppelgänger

School has started, at least for teachers and staff. The kids don't arrive until next week. Yesterday was busy for me, regardless -- I created a display of books and films about London, and re-shelved most of the graphic novels and world languages sections. You know, I always thought of working in a library as a sort of intellectual job, one that involves lots of reading and knowledge. But the truth is, a lot of times you're handling books as objects. They have to be filed correctly, but otherwise they could be any kind of widget.

Having said that, I have already learned a lot, though. I'm digging it.

Last night I was reading the Evening Standard (or "Eeny Stannit," as it's known in a common Cockney transliteration), and I came across this story about people caught selling crack on CCTV in Soho. Check out the photo of the guy with the dog -- it could be Olga's brother! (Or maybe sister?) I couldn't believe how much it looks like her, except Olga has a bit more white in her coat.

We finished watching "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" last night, though I had to rent it again because the iTunes 24-hour time limit expired before we could finish it. The tyranny of Apple!


Reya Mellicker said...

Did you know I worked for the college library at Lake Tahoe? I loved that job! My co-workers were wonderful and soon became fast friends.

It is very physical work! I even loved that part. After I got the routine down, I took on extra projects like dusting the books and shelves. By the time I finished the last stack, the first stack was dusty again. In this way I amused myself.

It was my job to send out overdue notices. My boss didn't care what I wrote. Those things were funny as I'm sure you can imagine. I riffed on the book titles. Ha. That was fun.

Anyway, love being on a wavelength. Enjoy!

Ms. Moon said...

Okay. I have to admit- I can't even SEE the dog in that picture.
But I'm really glad you're enjoying your job. I hope this continues to be so.

e said...

All I could see were the rocks in the hand circled...
Glad to know the job's started well for you.

Sharon said...

My iPhoto has been giving me trouble ever since I purchased an external drive to store my photos on. It shuts down two or three times while I'm editing photos. It's annoying but at least it still works. I talked to the Apple whiz kids at the store and they told me that it's because I have too many photos in one library and I need to create separate "libraries" for my photos. That doesn't make sense to me because I have friends who have way more photos than me, stored in albums the same as mine and they don't have any problems at all.
I clicked on your photo today to see if it would take me directly to Flickr but, it took me to the Yahoo sign in page instead. I've been wondering because I randomly get huge hits on some obscure photo of mine in Flickr and the hits all come from "unknown source". So, someone has somehow linked my photo, I just can't figure out how.

The Bug said...

I'm intrigued that I can see the picture - I'm at work & usually Flickr is blocked (and when I click on the picture the Flickr site IS blocked).

I think I'm glad that I never pursued my desire to become a librarian. I would enjoy the shelving & handling of books. I would NOT enjoy dealing with the people aspect of it. Especially if it were school children - yikes! I remember what *I* was like. Shudder. :)

Steve Reed said...

Reya: I did not know that! It IS very physical, but you're right -- in some ways that's a plus. We were dusting the day before yesterday! Ha!

Ms Moon: The dog IS hard to see. He's standing to the right of the man's circled hand, with his head at the top of the photo (the white blob). You're looking down on his back.

E: So far, so good!

Sharon: That's weird about your iPhoto. I burn all my photos onto DVDs every few months, just to get them off my computer. I think that helps manage the quantity. And yes, if someone embeds one of your Flickr photos, it should link back to the photo page. I think in my case it doesn't because I have that photo temporarily marked "private." (I'm still uploading Barcelona pics and I didn't want that one sitting in the middle of all those for anyone browsing my photostream!)

Bug: Well, it remains to be seen how well I deal with the kids!

Lynne said...

The photo is fuzzy but I can just make out the markings on the back of the dog and they are very similar to Olga's, you're right!

I would love to work at the library. I find myself dropping by our local library every Tuesday & Wednesday when they get the new books in. I think I am addicted.