Friday, December 12, 2014

Spider Rescue and Online Commerce

There's been a small spider clinging to the wall of our shower for the last few days. I'd be in there lathering away only to look down and see him huddled against the wall, resisting a mist of steamy overspray. Somehow he lived through at least four showers from me and Dave, but I was afraid he'd get swept down the drain if either of us happened to splash too much water in his direction. I also couldn't move him outside to certain wintry death. So yesterday morning I picked him up by a strand of spider silk and carried him to our big trailing geranium, which is overwintering in the living room. He's now ensconced somewhere among the leaves. There may even be a few bugs in there for him to snack on. Who knows.

I finally managed to take care of most of my meager Christmas shopping yesterday -- with the exception of my Dad, for whom I find it virtually impossible to buy a gift. I think I'll take him to dinner or something the next time I'm in Florida. It's such a relief to have presents for people! Dave has proposed that he and I each buy our own Christmas presents -- that way he doesn't have to figure out the complexities of camera lenses and I don't have to wrangle cookware. I think that's a great idea, if somewhat stonily practical. I'll probably get him a few stray items just for the sake of surprise.

I also took the plunge and purchased my ticket for one of our major trips early next year. Dave is taking a group of students to Singapore in March, and I'm going to tag along. It's a long flight (14 hours) for a relatively brief trip (three full days on the ground), but hey, seize the opportunity, right? I'm also hoping to go to Florida, probably in February, for a visit with the 'rents. I need to get that ticket ironed out within the next couple of days.

(Photo: Free furniture in Harlesden, West London.)


  1. such a good soul to save the spider...yikes i could not touch it.
    i have purchased my own christmas present too...of course it is only who would do it?

  2. Just reading this post gave me anxiety.
    Not the spider part.
    The presents and tickets parts.
    I'm pretending Christmas is not happening.

  3. You are such a good person to save that little spider.
    I've seen many photos of the skyline in Singapore and it looks like a photographers paradise. That will be amazing even if it is for a short time.

  4. I'm with Ms. Moon. Not the anxiety part, the ignoring christmas part. besides not being christian, I really hate the whole mythos around christmas...the perfect holiday, the perfect gift, and my biggest pet peeve of the season, that someone's tragedy is somehow worse because it happens at christmas time. I do give holiday gifts to my grandkids, usually money, and sister (our parents have died) but my husband and I buy our own gifts if there is something we want.

    on the spider, I applaud you. We have so many spiders in this house though that if I tried to save every one we would quickly be overwhelmed. oh, wait, we are!

  5. Singapore is where I bought my BEST camera for much less than the rest of the world would have charged, but that was long ago...Yay, you and spider!

  6. Hurrah for someone who doesn't deal instant death to spiders. As for the stony practicality of buying your own gifts - you both get what you want. Nothing wrong with that.

    Ms Soup

  7. My husband and I have been doing the I'll buy my present from you and you buy your present from me thing for years. We keep the presents secret and wrap them up so that there is the surprise of "what we got the other person" when open them. Highly recommend.