Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Artist's Muse

Yesterday was a very peculiar day. I wound up going on a short field trip to Regent's Park with a pack of ninth graders, completely unexpectedly. My boss had planned to chaperone, but then she was called to an important meeting, so I tagged along in her place. It wasn't difficult. I didn't know any of these kids very well, but I felt useful because I watched their bags while they did some team-building activities. And I got a free Chipotle burrito out of it!

(When I was single and living in New York, I used to eat Chipotle burritos at least weekly. Here I never do. I guess Dave keeps me better fed than I kept myself. Besides, there aren't as many Chipotles here, so availability is a bit more of an issue.)

I also finally sat for the art teacher at school who wants to paint my portrait. It turned out to be an uncomplicated affair. He asked me to wear a white shirt and dark jacket -- no nakedness! -- and he positioned me on a stool in front of a black background. Then he had me hold my head at various angles, my eyes looking in various directions, while he shot about 30 pictures. And that was it! The pictures are interesting, so we'll see what he does with the raw material. I'm a little afraid I'll wind up looking like this. (He had considered having me pose in a Haz-Mat suit, but that honor fell to some colleagues.)

Finally, I'm being badgered with little things. I had to schedule an appointment for the gas company to come and do a routine inspection of our boiler. I had to schedule Olga for a vaccine booster shot prior to her being boarded beginning Friday. We also ordered her a new Kong toy, which arrived yesterday -- her Christmas present!

(Photo: Windows in Harlesden, on Sunday.)


  1. Wow! This should be interesting!
    The portrait, I mean.
    It IS the little things. They make me crazy.

  2. I used to model for art classes (yes, nude) when I was much much younger. I modeled for a portrait class once. the teacher did a quick study which she let me have but I have no idea where it is now.

  3. I'll be anxious to see the finished painting.
    Your photo today is very interesting. All those randomly spaced windows seem a bit strange. It makes me wonder about the layout of the rooms inside.

  4. I hope you'll share the portrait with us!

  5. I am hoping you don't end up looking the link you shared. Gosh ...

  6. Everyone: I promise I will share the portrait, no matter how it turns out! :)