Thursday, December 18, 2014

Streetside Snow Monster

This is the way to terrify your kid -- stop his stroller in front of a huge inflatable snowman. Good grief.

Another busy day yesterday, but I did get out at lunchtime for some quick photography -- three more uncovered streets for Bleeding London. Apparently we are not ending the project completely at the end of the year, as I expected. We're going to do even more coordinated, targeted shooting through January and possibly up until Easter, or as long as it takes to cover the remaining streets.

I have mixed feelings about this, as part of me would like to move on to other things, but honestly I still have a lot of fun going out and "collecting" streets. So what the heck. I figure I can get some shooting in tomorrow (when we leave work early) and Saturday, before Dave and I fly to Michigan on Sunday. I think by the end of January I can finish the NW10 and NW3 postcodes, and I'm sure I'll shoot elsewhere too.

I wore my Christmas sweater again yesterday. Man, that thing is hot.

I am so impressed with Obama for normalizing relations with Cuba. It's about time. It's silly to maintain a Cold War standoff with little relevance in the modern world, especially with Fidel aging and infirm. As for the cafe incident in Sydney -- why wasn't that guy in custody? He was suspected in a murder, for God's sake, not to mention a string of sexual assaults. I can't imagine why the Australian justice system allowed him to be out on bail, wandering the streets.

And as for Pakistan, well, I just have no words for that.

(Photo: Yesterday, in Marylebone.)


  1. I really should know better than to comment on this very divisive and highly emotional topic because I have been more than a little critical of the media handling and public response to the siege in Sydney for a number of reasons, but here goes...
    according to reports, the judge's decision was, under law in the state of NSW, to grant this man bail on a charge of being an accessory before and after a murder - not a charge of murder, because there was not a strong enough case presented by the prosecution to deny him bail.
    It is a complex legal situation; the business of remand/bail and later parole after a sentence has been served, have both have been the subject of heated debate for quite some time in this country. Points of law and justice are not necessarily the same thing.

    Ms Soup

  2. I know the charge wasn't murder outright, but even being an accessory -- especially in light of the history of sexual assault -- seems to warrant more than bail. At least, I think in the U.S. it would. (Not that our justice system is any sort of paragon.) Admittedly you're geographically closer to the story than I am so you may know more, but to me it seems puzzling that he would be walking free.

  3. I think I'm at last caught up!

    Hand lotion is a force for good in the winter! I'm glad you're enjoying yours. Oh my, your mother is going to sell the house. That's a big deal! I'm sure you'll get much accomplished in a week. You love organizing and getting rid of stuff, though ... since 1966? It will be like an archeological dig.

    I agree about Cuba. And Pakistan.

    Also impressed that you're still capturing the streets of London. It's a monumental project - they're so lucky to have you.

    I would love to see the pictures the artist took of you in preparation for doing your portrait. You have such a great face.

    Have a wonderful time in Michigan! Post pictures, ok?

    Love and Shalom and happy Christmas!

  4. We saw one of those inflatable santas on top of a roof the other day. He had lost all of his air and was draped over the eaves. He looked as if he were dead.
    I'm with you on Cuba. And I can't wait to visit.

  5. I think the world is confusing & scary & not for the faint of heart. So I'm going to comment on the Bleeding London bit - I think it's SO COOL that every street in London is going to have a photo associated with it. I should do that here in Xenia :) But I should probably call it something else. Heh.

  6. The human race has gone insane. there are just too many of us.

  7. I'm right with you on all of it. It's just too much.

    And we're supposed to carry on with our own lives, absorbing all this horrific news, trying to understand it -- and there's just so little understanding.

  8. The world is spinning out of control, or that's how it seems sometimes. So many tragedies.