Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Scary Gong and a Philosophical Question

I continue to be a sneezing, spluttering mess -- my eyes and nose streaming, my pockets full of damp tissues. It's disgusting. Fortunately I don't feel too terrible and I don't have a fever. It's more an inconvenience than a serious illness.

I did take a photowalk yesterday, sneezing my way through Golders Green and finishing another 68 streets. I would have done more if my camera battery hadn't died. Note to boneheaded self: Charge battery before taking a long walk!

Dave, meanwhile, stayed home and readied the garden for spring. He hung our gong wind chime, which we brought back from Michigan at Christmas, on one of the trees. This morning, when Olga and I got up, she went directly to the back door and stood there, growling out at the darkness. I couldn't figure out why until I realized she was alarmed by the dim shape of the gong.

Today Dave plans to make lunch for a friend visiting from Michigan with his family. This will be an interesting experiment because the friend's teenage daughter is vegan -- as are the parents, in solidarity with her. And you know how Dave is about meat. It is the center of his culinary universe. Nonetheless, he has bought a bunch of veg ingredients and plans a vegan meal. I believe it involves falafel, but that's all I can remember at the moment.

Unfortunately, I may remove myself entirely from this event because of my cold. I don't want to sit on the sidelines like a human fountain and scare everyone. I may take the dog to Hampstead Heath for a long romp. If I sneeze in the forest and no one else hears it, do I make a sound?

(Photo: A postman sets out on his rounds in Golders Green, yesterday.)


Elizabeth said...

Oy. I hope you dry up soon.

Ms. Moon said...

It is sort of amazing how much snot one human can produce, isn't it?
Have you tried taking something for allergies?
I hope Olga gets used to the gong. I had to move a hanging plant on the kitchen porch yesterday because Mr. Moon said every time he glanced at it, he thought someone was out there.

ellen abbott said...

Like Ms Moon, I'm always amazed at how fast and how much snot the human body can produce. I want to make a gong. I saw one once made from an old gas tank (not gasoline like in a car but like a helium tank).

e said...

I had what you have and then some, so I sympathize. I hope you get to enjoy some of that vegan meal.

The Bug said...

I keep waiting on my spring cold, but so far so good (maybe because today's the first warmish day in forever!!). Hope you dry up soon!

I love falafel - I might have to track some down soon...