Monday, March 2, 2015

Dispatch from the Dining Room

I went walking yesterday in Golders Green and photographed 52 more streets for Bleeding London. It felt great to get out with the camera for a day -- my first long photo walk since I returned from Florida. And it was even sunny, believe it or not! Well, intermittently sunny. But still.

I got a couple of OK shots, like this one of an Orthodox Jewish man walking beneath a railway arch. He's shielding his face from the camera, which makes it even more interesting -- a bit mysterious and noir.

Also, I've finished uploading my Florida photos to Flickr. You can see most of them here. (Some of the people pictures have privacy restrictions, so you won't see those.)

Dave, meanwhile, spent yesterday in the garden, enjoying the sun and relative warmth. It's definitely feeling more like spring. We found another crocus -- a purple one, growing at the edge of the lawn -- and more of our daffodils are beginning to pop.

Olga is not convinced that winter is over, though.  This morning she got out of bed, went into the living room, decided it was too chilly and meandered to the dining room, where her Union Jack dog bed lies next to the radiator. She's now curled up on it, dozing, and I'm sitting at the dining room table, which I almost never do. And why not? We ought to use this room more.


  1. Olga's bed is cool...I got a small bed for the cat, which he loves---another now fur-lined place to sleep...

  2. LOVE this photo Ah, the light & shadow!!

  3. You are such a good photographer! I love the picture on the blog. VERY noir, if you ask me.
    And the pictures on Flickr! Fantastic! Florida is extremely photogenic, isn't it?
    And if Jesus is the only answer, what the hell was the question?

  4. What a great photo! You are right, it does have an air of mystery about it.

  5. it's just not right for you to be having spring when it's still winter down here. we've had a week of cold cloudy days and I'm not sure when they say the sun will come out again. love the hay bale spider.

  6. Those ARE great photos! I think my favorite one is Melaleuca - although I like the spider too :)

    I'm with Olga - I want to be where it's warmest in the house! At least until I have a hot flash. But right this minute my face it hot & the rest of me is cold. This is all very complicated...

  7. that top photo is just stunning!