Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sidewalk Chalk

When I was walking in Golders Green a couple of weeks ago, I found these abstractions on the sidewalk along one street.

Apparently some kids got crazy with pastels. I like the effort!

Our friend David took Dave and me out to dinner last night at a French restaurant in West Hampstead. We've been meaning to try it, on the recommendation of one of our coworkers, but unfortunately we found it underwhelming. Still, it was fun to go out and I'm sure Dave appreciated a mid-week break from cooking!

Now we're having a quiet, rainy morning. I'm the only one awake. As the light comes up, Olga is lying on her Union Jack dog bed near the heater, and a handful of blackbirds are singing brightly out on the street. I love this time of day!


  1. I like sun up myself but not when I cannot sleep despite trying and go to bed at 2AM when I must be up early...Sorry your dinner wasn't noteworthy. My cat bed is now in the closet where apparently they prefer to sleep...

  2. Those are lovely sidewalk chalk pictures!
    And a lovely image of early morning in your house. I wonder if English blackbirds sing differently than American ones. I know that Mexican ones do.

  3. Hello from Texas...I always wanted to fly to England but with all the tragedies with planes, guess we'll just stay put.
    Interesting drawings...
    Enjoy your day!

  4. my grandgirls used to cover the concrete apron in front of the garage with chalk drawings when they were here. Now that they are teenagers, not so much. I miss that.

  5. Very creative chalk art. Too bad about the dinner. I hate when a restaurant is disappointing.

  6. Me again....all the butterflies in the spring exhibit come from a butterfly farm in Florida. I'll bet there are others in the exhibit you've seen before.