Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Placeholder Post

It's almost 8 a.m. on Saturday, and the dog has just managed to rouse herself from the warm bed, walk down the hallway with her toenails clicking on the wood floor, and announce herself with a yawn. The rest of us have been up for a while. She is the most spoiled dog I've ever seen.

As for me, I got to bed late last night because I was working on my French (38 percent fluent, according to Duolingo!) and wrestling with iMovie to create a special video for an upcoming blog post. You will see soon enough what that's about. Let me just say, iMovie takes a while to figure out, but at least it's intuitive enough that I could mess around with it without any instructions and produce a video.

(Said video does not star me, Dave or Olga, by the way.)

I finished Marie Kondo's book. It got a bit repetitive and I think it could just as easily have been a magazine article, but she did inspire me a bit. I hope to do some purging this weekend. Dave is rolling his eyes.

And now, I gotta run and get a shower before class. Sorry for the perfunctory post, but I'll make up for it soon!

(Photo: Two figures on a building near Oxford Circus.)


  1. You mischievous fellow Steve! Taunting your loyal readership about your forthcoming blockbuster movie! I won't be able to sleep tonight because of the anticipation. Will it be about a gentle West Hampstead librarian who flips with the frustration of learning French and becomes a mass axe murderer?

  2. Mr. Pudding's done it again, LOL! Do you hire this guy for comedic effect? I love mysteries...

  3. I wish I was Olga on many, many days.

  4. I daresay Minnie is more spoiled than Olga.

  5. Oh yes. The Mondo Kondo book became tiresome. There's a hint of cultural tyranny to it, I think, although I agree that it inspires one to at least cull a bit from the mounds of material possession.

    I look forward to your imovie!

  6. Placeholder post! That's new one! You're messing with my mind. I always thought a place holder was the 0 in numbers! Okay, shoot me again.

  7. I hope the purging is confined to material goods! I prefer the term decluttering myself :) Your word picture of Olga made me smile.