Monday, February 15, 2016

Steeplechase Olga

Another Monday, another picture of the dog. We were in Hampstead Heath yesterday when we found this interesting stand of trees. I really wanted a photo of Olga jumping over that log, so I threw her Kong into the patch of leaves at the base of the trees, and she dutifully brought it back to me. We did it several times to get the right shot.

Fortunately, to her it was just a game. She's the most cooperative, enthusiastic photo subject I could ask for.

In fact, here's the close-up, just so you can see her joyful expression.

Otherwise, yesterday was very domestic. I continued working on two of my projects, cleaning out some old letters and transcribing old journals into blog form. I've done all my journals from 1988 to mid-March 1993, which isn't bad! Only 15 more years to go! (Ugh)

I wrestled with what to do with the bundles of letters I sent my family while I was in the Peace Corps. When my mom moved recently, she asked me if I wanted them -- and I took them, reluctantly. I was a prolific letter-writer -- in fact, I don't know how they read all those letters! But in skimming them I see that they basically repeat incidents that are already in my journals. So the verdict is: Out they go. Realistically, I'm never going to sit down and read them, nor should I. There's life to be lived now, right?

Dave spent yesterday in the garden, cleaning up the winterkill and pruning the roses. He cut down the cardoon, the asters, the loosestrife and some other stuff, and it looks much better out there. We need to prune the rambling roses above the day lilies, because they've become so dense and huge they're blocking the light from the plants beneath.

Today I'm off on a photo-walk, if the weather cooperates!


  1. There's life to be lived now, right?... That's true. We cannot hang on to our pasts - not in detail anyway. There are some things we just have to let go and a degree of ruthlessness is required.

    With regard to Olga's picture, it would have been good to see a word balloon emerging from her mouth with "ARF! ARF!" inside as she leaps over the log.

  2. That shot of Hampstead Heath reminds me a great deal of the woods around here.
    Sweet Olga! Such a love that dog is!

  3. I always love an Olga sighting - she's the best!

    When I came back from Zambia everyone gave me back the letters I had sent them - they expected that I'd write a book about my experiences. Ha! Those letters do NOT contain a book! They're all about the bookkeeping I did, meeting cute Canadian engineers, & wishing I had a better camera. They're still around here somewhere...

  4. I think if Olga smiled any harder the kong would fall out of her mouth :)

    That tree and its long limb are an amazing green!