Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Flat Inspection

Yesterday after work Dave and I had to race home to meet someone from our landlord's property management company who came to inspect the condition of our flat. For some reason, this year, before renewing our lease, they wanted to take a look. We didn't mind, but it's strange that suddenly they've taken an interest.

Maybe it's because during our three years here, we've had to prevail upon them to replace both the dishwasher and the washing machine. They think we're The Who, smashing up the place.

Anyway, the inspector noted a few problems like potential damp corners near the back door, broken floor tiles in the bathroom (they were like that when we moved in, honest!) and a need to redecorate the living room (!). Our white living room wallpaper is peeling and bubbling a bit, it's true, but we don't really notice it. I doubt the landlord's going to go down that road.

Dave pointed out a problem with the electric oven -- when we turn it on, it sometimes turns off by itself in mid-bake. I think there's a faulty switch or connection somewhere. We've told them about it before but it's a very intermittent problem, usually easily corrected by turning the switch again. But the inspector seemed to think this is a potentially major issue. We'll see if anything changes there.

In between all this, the handsome and very chatty young Portuguese guy doing the inspection told us all about his dogs (a Yorkie and a Pomeranian), his partner and his flat in Vauxhall.

Very chatty. I think he liked us -- which hopefully bodes well for lease renewal!

In other news, I made an appointment next week with our new doctor to have a suspicious rough spot on my forehead checked out. When you have fair skin and you grew up in a very sunny place, skin issues are bound to arise and must be addressed. I couldn't get this spot to vanish with the cream I got from our old doc, so it's back to the experts. (And let me offer a word of advice -- never Google "skin spot that won't heal." Terrifying!)

(Photo: A huge rhododendron on Hampstead Heath.)


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I was aggrieved to learn that the Portugese visitor owns a "Yorkie". Surely he meant a Yorkshire Terrier as a "Yorkie" is a chocolate bar favoured by lorry drivers (American: truck drivers).

Ms. Moon said...

How odd that the property management company would send some one around to check on things. But it's a good idea!
And I'm glad you made that appointment. I'm sure it's nothing but it will set your mind at ease. Which Dr. Google never does.

ellen abbott said...

a scaly patch? maybe actinic keritosis? I've had those. they freeze them off. I've got similar ones on my arms and legs but the dermatologist says those are different, from aging. I would guess the flat inspection is a good thing. better than having a landlord that doesn't care about the deterioration. and that is a gorgeous tree. what is it?

Red said...

I certainly hope there are some good results from the inspection.

The Bug said...

At our last house we got a letter several years ago stating that they would start doing annual inspections - but no one ever came. Our new landlord said that he's going to come every three months to change the air filter - and to check on the place. That makes sense because this is his retirement investment & the last tenant was a pig - took them three months to get it rental ready again! This gives me incentive to keep the place at least somewhat neat :)

Sharon said...

Your last line here made me laugh out loud. I've done that and I agree, it's a bad idea. You've reminded me that I need to visit a dermatologist. I'm way past due. I'm supposed to go for an inspection once a year and I haven't been for the past two years. I've got the same issue, fair skin and living in a sunny climate.

e said...

I hope you get things the red rhododendron...and good luck with your skin check. I hope it is very minor...

jenny_o said...

The only rental management company I know of does a yearly inspection of every rental property, so maybe yours is trying to get to that level! It sounds like a good idea to me - nip problems in the bud, keep the property up to snuff.

Hope your forehead spot turns out okay. At least you can know you won't be adding to any skin problems now that you live in England ... I think, anyhow ... too much rain and too many clouds?

John Going Gently said...

The older we all get the more lumps and bumps we seem to gather

Cheryl West said...

I hope the inspection leads to repairs for you.
Will you be referred to a dermatologist? Very important to get this attended to. I had too much sun growing up and like Ellen several spots frozen.

Steve Reed said...

YP: There's a chocolate bar called a Yorkie? This is news to me.

Ms Moon: It IS a good idea. It doesn't bother me at all. It just seemed so out-of-the-blue!

Ellen: Well, it's scaly, but it's more a bump than a patch. I've had keratoses before, but this looks different, and it didn't respond to the medicine I was given to clear up keratoses. Who knows? The tree is a rhododendron.

Red: I'll let you know!

Bug: Well, every three months seems a little excessive, but I guess there's nothing wrong with having an attentive landlord. As long as he doesn't harass you!

Sharon: Yeah, my skin was made for where I live now!

E: Me too! I'm not too worried. I think chances are good that it's a minor thing.

Jenny-O: Yeah, I think England is definitely easier on my skin than Florida was!

John: Indeed!

Cheryl: I'm not sure. Sometimes the GP diagnoses and treats skin ailments. I suppose I'll be referred if things seem at all complicated or questionable.

37paddington said...

You're doing the right thing getting that spot checked by a doctor. And it's impossible to live in an apartment without creating some wear and tear. Yours sounds fairly minor.