Saturday, April 15, 2017

Newcastle and Gateshead

I made it back OK from Newcastle yesterday evening, coming home to find Dave and two of his coworkers immersed in a daylong curriculum planning exercise in our dining room. Happily, not long after I arrived, it morphed into a warm, welcoming chili dinner!

So let me share some of my Newcastle photos. I spent almost all morning wandering the town. I walked down by the riverfront, where the arched Millennium Gateshead Bridge echoes the shape of the older Tyne Bridge, just upstream. In between, there's the silvery slug-shaped Sage Gateshead concert hall.

There seems to be a lot of urban redevelopment going on in central Newcastle. That made for good photography -- you know how I love old, weather-beaten shopfronts.

I walked through the elegant university campus and into Leazes Park...

...where some of the pathways are inlaid with metal flowers.

Also in Leazes Park, I found a herd of urban cows! That white cow kept an eye on me the whole time while its companions grazed. Clearly it was the lookout cow. I kept my distance.

This is another view of the Sage Gateshead. I called it "slug-shaped" above, but from this angle it looks more barrel-shaped. It's a very interesting building -- the shape seems variable, depending on the angle, and the color reflects whatever's going on in the sky.

This is another interesting building on the Gateshead riverfront. It's now a modern art center, and if I'd had more time I would have visited. I told Dave when I got home that we have to go back to Newcastle at some point. I didn't get to do all that I wanted!

Just before I got on my 3 p.m. train, I was sitting in Starbucks when this group of young women walked by, clearly ready for a night on the town. I'm not sure how they manage in those heels!

Overall, I was very favorably impressed by Newcastle and Gateshead. I expected industrial grit, but the cities are quite artsy and youthful and vigorous. I'm serious when I say I need to go back!


  1. Wow, great shots! The "slug" looks somewhat like a giant worm, and some of its programs look really interesting, too. The area behind your shot of the young women is an interesting contrast to that modern building...lots of eye candy for someone with a camera.

  2. What stylish and sophisticated apparel those young ladies were wearing. I guess they were heading to an academic gathering - "Curriculum Planning and its role in Sexual Attraction". Newcastle is famous for its marauding gangs of scantily dressed lasses going out on the town in often freezing weather.

  3. When you mentioned you were going there, I looked it up and found that there is lots to see there. I love that bridge. It's very modern. That concert hall is very unique but it made me think of an armadillo. Was it warm enough to be running around town in those flimsy dresses those girls have on? Just looking at them gave me a bit of shiver.

  4. Great shots even on a cloudy day! You need to go back on a sunny blue sky day and do it all over again! I bet the slug lights up with reflections in the sun!

  5. some interesting architecture. and I do not get those high heels. painful and crippling.

  6. Ah well on the girls in heels. I used to do it myself sometimes, just for fun.
    Those are amazing shots but here's the thing that struck me (and it's all about me, right Steve?)- I dreamed just a few hours ago that we were living in town and had a herd of cows move in to our backyard! What?!
    Our neighbors were not happy.

  7. Yes, for heaven's sake, keep an eye on the lookout cow!! Sounds like a good day all around.

  8. You always seem to be able to get around and find all the good stuff to see.

  9. Of course I love the cow staring at you - ha!