Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lassie Finds My Hat

Yesterday morning, as I was walking Olga, we came to an intersection. Rather than turning right, which we always do at this particular corner, Olga was very insistent that we walk straight, along very busy Finchley Road. I never really like walking along Finchley Road, but I gave in. So we walked a few hundred feet and there, lying on the ground, was my hat.

Now, this is very weird, because I hadn't even realized my hat was missing. I had a vague idea that I hadn't seen it in a few days, but at this time of year I don't really need it so I didn't give it much thought. There's no question, though, that the hat lying on the sidewalk was mine -- because who else in my neighborhood has a beanie bearing the logo of the University of South Florida football team?

I haven't walked on Finchley Road for a very long time. I think I must have dropped it on the side street where Olga and I walk almost daily, and it made its own way around the corner -- in someone's hand, or via the wind, or something. It was a little the worse for wear -- torn open on the top, in fact --  as if it had been run over by countless cars. But I brought it home and washed it and sewed up the top seam, and it's as good as new. (Well, OK, not that good -- but as good as before I lost it.)

When I told Dave this story, he looked at Olga and said, "Good job, Lassie!"

I'd like to think Olga wanted to walk along Finchley Road because she somehow knew my hat was there. But honestly, that's just too crazy to believe. I think it was a happy coincidence.

At the risk of exhausting you with dog news, here's Olga on our neighborhood basketball court yesterday morning. We found two balls there -- both already punctured, thank goodness! She had fun chasing them around, and I let her bring the football home. In a sure sign that she is slowing down a bit in middle age, she has not yet torn it apart. It's sitting right in front of me, on the floor rug in our living room.

Otherwise, there's not much to tell about yesterday. I read, did laundry, poked around in the garden, took Olga to the West Heath. We're back to some fairly chilly, cloudy weather this weekend, so there will be no basking in the spring sunshine, unfortunately. In fact, I may need my hat!


  1. What a strange tale. Surely it would be too much of a co-incidence to just stumble on the beanie hat. My money is on Olga knowing what she was doing. Perhaps you have a particularly smelly head which would have imbued the beanie with your scent.

  2. She may have smelled your hat and known it was yours...

  3. Here's another vote for Olga smelling your hat.
    It IS a good story and I'm impressed.

  4. The Olga story isn't weird at all. she could smell your hat and that's why she wanted to go that direction. Nice job on sewing the hat.

  5. ah well, everybody seems to know...Olga smelled it. no real mystery. I still have some yard chores out there but I'm running out of steam. nice cool front blew in here yesterday.

  6. I BELIEVE IN OLGA!!! The nose knows! Great story!!!

  7. What a great coincidence....or was it? It seems there is a consensus that Olga could smell it. I loved the video. I love hearing Olga bark again.

  8. From what I've read, dogs have an amazing ability to pick up scent, so ... my money's on Olga knowing it was there, too. I love that you picked it up, washed and repaired it, making it useful once again.

    So fun to watch Olga - she wants BOTH balls, thank you very much, just can't figure out HOW ... And, you can not exhaust me with dog news. Nevah :)

  9. I'm with the Olga admirers. She would have smelled your hat, of course; but to care about going to get it, now that adds plausibility to the belief that our dogs are much, much more than food-chasing beasties. Although food is high on their list of priorities, as we all know.

    There was a study recently where the experimenters put a treat under one box and none under several others, then had a person give the treat to the dog when it was found. They had a number of people go with the dog(s) to the boxes; some of the people would give the dog the treat when the dog took them to that particular box; some would keep the treat for themselves. The dogs soon understood which people would give them the treat if they took them to the correct box, and subsequently TOOK THE OTHER PEOPLE TO THE BOXES WITHOUT A TREAT so that it would be there later for them to take the "generous" people to.

    Evidence that dogs know what's what, eh?


  10. Imagine that! Finding something you didn't even know you had lost.