Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Coney Island, June 2007

Feeling peaceful this morning as I listen to the awakening birds and the low hum of the city outside my window. My scattered feeling from last week has dissipated - the office moving project is going smoothly and my old cat’s health seems to be good and stable. (She’s sitting at the windowsill now, watching the world wake up.)

I had my own little health scare last week, which I inadvertently revealed to some of my regular readers. (You know who you are!) I learned a couple of things from this experience: 1) never diagnose yourself, and 2) never write something on the Internet that you expect to keep anonymous, because SOMEHOW it will be linked back to you!

Anyway, yesterday my doctor told me I’m fine. Whee-yew!


  1. How did I miss the health scare that turned out not to be? Yikes...anyway whatever it was, I'm glad it turned out to be nothing. Is this an absurdist comment or what?

    Love the chair in today's pic.

  2. I so glad that things are in harmony again. Thank goodness for your inability to practice medicine, huh?

  3. Oh, Reya, it was all so silly. I created another blog where I wrote about my health concern anonymously, mostly just to blow off steam. But then I posted a couple of comments elsewhere accidentally linking to that blog. Ack! So this is just my way of 'fessing up and saying everything is cool, in case anyone was left wondering.

    Merle: You said THAT again. If there's one thing I never wanted to be, it's a doctor. (Also an astronaut, fireman, policeman, etc. I am strictly a desk jockey.)

  4. oh i missed your drama incognito. darn! was it your irradiated loins? hope all is well, not swell.
    i'm probably not that funny to anyone but myself.
    i love this pic!