Saturday, June 16, 2007

W. 24th Street, June 2007

There's a little graffiti battle going on in this niche on 24th Street in Chelsea. You may remember this photo, showing a big piece of street art that had been plastered over the orange tag. Well, the tagger has returned and painted over the street art. You'd think in New York there would be enough wall space for everybody, but I guess this is really about respect.

Our unseasonably cool weather seems to be continuing, so I have not yet had to turn on the air conditioner. I think my fear about birds in the a/c unit is unfounded, fortunately. I've heard scratching on only one day in recent weeks, and I've heard absolutely no sound of baby birds. I think a sparrow or finch just pops in there from time to time to look for bugs.

I've felt very scattered and distracted over the last week. Our office is moving, so I've been trying to get things packed up and ready to go (we're only moving a few blocks away, fortunately). Of course I had my visitor (Mom), and on top of that my cat seems to be having some more health issues. I'm hoping it's temporary fallout from her radiation treatment, but for now we're in "wait-and-see" mode.

I'm hoping to use this weekend to decompress!


  1. Sending much healing energy in the direction of your cat - and you, too, of course.

    It's supposed to get terribly hot here tomorrow, but this week has been blissfully cool. Pod says he's freezing. It's so odd to try to imagine.

    Love the graffiti wars. Dogs do that, too. I call the canine version, "Whose pee will win?"

    Happy weekend!

  2. Just two weeks ago, we were forced to pack up at work so that the cubicle farm could be moved and new carpet installed. I dreaded that packing for weeks, but then I realized it was a great chance to declutter and bring home my personal stuff. That made it more palatable.

    I hope your cat bounces back quickly. Enjoy the cool weather while you can and have a great weekend.

  3. sounds like you could with a treatment