Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dumbo, Brooklyn, May 2007

As I was walking around in Brooklyn I passed this house, with this little vase sitting on the windowsill outside. I was impressed that someone could leave something like this outside without it being stolen. Of course, who knows if it's still there!

Saw an interesting movie over the weekend: "Paprika," an animated Japanese film. I've been into some Japanese animation - including nearly all of Hayao Miyazaki's movies - since I saw "Spirited Away" several years ago. "Paprika" was different - flashier and faster paced than Miyazaki, and not entirely coherent - but it was visually beautiful. The Japanese really take animation to new levels of sophistication.

I especially liked the movie because it wrestled with cultural themes like the difference between reality and dreams or delusion, and the balance of oppositional influences (like the male and the female). It was also skeptical of technology. In this way it was very Miyazaki, or maybe just very Japanese.


  1. i loved spirited away, and i plan to watch it again when i am lying sick on the sofa. i shall look lout for paprika. i have concluded that, even if one spent years in japan, one would never fully understand the way a japanesse mind works. most intriguing.

    perhaps the vase is bolted down?

  2. I was going to say, or cemented to the windowsill.

    I've tried watching Japanese animation but it gives me a headache. I think I'm not nearly cool enough to "get it."

    Used to love samari films ... maybe it's something to do with my generation. Oh well. See you tomorrow!!

  3. Steve, when I saw that vase, I thought it was an old-fashioned road pot. When I was a boy and dinosaurs ruled the earth, many highway construction warning lights were just round pots of oil with a lit wick. They looked like the vase.

  4. Oh, Merle, you may be on to something. Maybe it's actually an oil lamp and not a vase at all. I'm just not sure.

    It could be bolted down, folks. I didn't try to lift it!

  5. all my nieces and nephews are heavy into Japanese animaton and draw Manga characters --so I am overexposed to it. I like it OK.

    Merle, do these pots pre-date flares?


  6. LOL, I wondered too, how can someone leave that out in NYC, but Reya made a good point. I love the contrast of the smoothness of the vase and angular lines.

    I adored "Spirited Away, and may have to check out Paprika, sounds very interesting. Thanks for the review.


  7. Spirit Away is fab, one of my most favourites.
    I also enjoyed Howls moving castle - not as much as SA, tho more on a second viewing.

    i read an interview with Miyazaki once where he said that he thought kids should watch only one film a year.

    Hardly fair when he makes such wonderful films.