Sunday, June 10, 2007

East Village, June 2007

Now here's some bizarre graffiti. Is this someone's street name? If so, maybe I'd rather not meet them.

Mom and I stayed close to home yesterday. We went to the Union Square Farmers Market in the morning and bought a bunch of vegetables, and made a big salad for lunch. Then we went to Madison Square Park in the afternoon, only to find that it had been taken over for a huge Barbecue Festival. We checked that out briefly, and then went to Stuyvesant Square to sit in a quieter spot. (And found another street fair on the way. There's always something going on in NYC!)

Last night I took her to a restaurant near my house called "Country" that I've wanted to try. I had quail, which I've never eaten before, and I have to admit it made me feel awfully guilty to see that poor little bird sitting on my plate. A chicken seems so much less vulnerable!


  1. now now ste, there;s many a good fella out there with a little skin problem....!!

  2. Quails are so cute, I know what you mean. But we are part of the food chain. I admire people who pray before eating. It seems respectful, kind of like the way people used to honor the animals of the hunt. I try to remember, but my enthusiasm for food creates a blank mind, especially when I'm hungry.

    Sounds like a wonderful day with your mom!

  3. Skin disorder, well, I'm with you---I wouldn't want to meet them either. But I like how they were proud enough to put their name out there!

  4. Good morning Steve. I have a serious skin disorder so the tag sort of spoke to me personally.

    As for the incredibly insensitive NDS I'll just say, I wouldn't want to meet you either Buster.

    When it comes to eating wildlife, I am sort of squeamish. I agree that chicken seems totally different.

  5. You know, Merle, after I typed that line I thought it was pretty rude and considered erasing it. You're just confirming for me that I should have. Sometimes we strain to be funny and wind up just being obnoxious...a thousand apologies.

    It's still strange graffiti, though, you gotta admit!

  6. i laughed about your quail/chicken comment steve.

    i hope you're having a lovely lovely (not too noisy) time with your mum.