Thursday, June 14, 2007

Coney Island, June 2007

When Mom and I were out on Coney Island, a lot of the amusements were closed. As I mentioned before, we were there on Monday around noon - not exactly peak time for the attractions. The Astroland amusement park had some folks in it, but many of the arcades were shut down.

Astroland is supposed to close permanently after this summer. It's a very old-fashioned sort of carnival midway, with rides and games and stuff like that. A developer has plans to make the area more upscale. Right now it's definitely the land of cotton candy and tattoos.

The legendary Cyclone, an old wooden roller coaster, will remain. I'm not sure about the Wonder Wheel, but that's historic too, so I imagine it will carry on.

I think this aura of age and decline is what led my Mom to call Coney Island "sad." But it also has a kind of nostalgic charm. Even the name - Astroland - sounds so 1957, full of mid-century hopefulness and optimism.


  1. i woke myself up shouting last night, and all day long i have been racking my podbrain to remember why. this post just reminded me (at 9.50pm my time). i was on a ghost train and it was totally dark and i suddenly dropped down and shouted!
    thanks for jogging me stevo

  2. I agree, Astroland sounds mid-50's. Love the scalloped shadow. Looks like leaf canopy (in the shadow only).

    I think I'm going to LOVE the Coney Island series!!

    Pod, get off that train at the next stop! We (the living) need you. The ghosts can have you later - much later! When ghosts bother me, I tell them to go look for their grandparents which (I figure) turns them in the direction of healing and renewal, rather than staying stuck on this plane.

  3. Both cotton candy and tattoos RULE!

  4. "the land of cotton candy and tattoos" what a line!
    I have always been in love with Coney Island.

  5. Reya must tour Coney this summer---

  6. such a nice pic - nice font too in the Astroland sign.