Saturday, July 14, 2007

Broadway, July 2007

This is how I felt yesterday when I learned an interesting bit of celebrity trivia: Kim Richards, the child actress who played Tia in Disney's 1975 movie "Escape to Witch Mountain" and thus was a famous contemporary of kids in my generation, is Paris Hilton's aunt.

Good Lord. Wholesome little Kim Richards? Who's only a few years older than me? How can this be possible?

And whatever happened to Ike Eisenmann, anyway?

They were among a small group of child actors in the '70s with whom I felt a kind of familial bond. They'd show up frequently on TV or in a movie, a familiar face, just like a relative at a family reunion: Melissa Gilbert, Lance Kerwin, Matthew Laborteaux. I had no idea my childhood pseudo-family extended to Paris Hilton.

Made it through a day of work yesterday without any apparent ill effects. I wouldn't say I felt great at the end of the day, but then, I never feel great at the end of a workday - so it looks like business as usual.


  1. I LOVE the pic. How cute and what a good idea to put a face on the ubiquitous hand and walking person LED's. Sweet.

    So glad you're feeling better!

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better Steve. The picture is very nice.

    It is very creepy to find out what became of child actors. So many turned out to be weirdos.

  3. I remember being shocked too when I learned Bobby Driscoll (Peter Pan '53) overdosed in some warehouse/tenement in the East Village.

    Wikipedia claims it was at 371 East 10th St. Love to see that place now. Walt apparently stopped returning his called due to the boy's acne.

    I love looking up child or teen stars in so-so films--especially from the 80s, no one ever got out of the '80s unscathed. My favorite range of teen stars came from the "parochial Animal House" flop "Heaven Help Us," '85?

  4. sorry to hear that the paris connection revelation rockled your world mr reed, but happy to hear you are feeling better. perhaps now you have the energy to see the sex in the postal service. go on, i'm sure you can if you try...

    sorry for disappearing. busy busy.

    i love this pic!

    rest up now


    ps. have you seen 'me, you and everybody we know'? dear lettuce put me on to it and i absolutely loved it!

  5. James: I never knew that Bobby Driscoll story, though I'm up on it now thanks to your comment and IMDB. Interesting!

    Pod: I wondered where you've been! I have not see "Me, You, etc." but I will add it to my Netflix queue pronto!

  6. make sure you do!