Sunday, July 15, 2007

W. 29th Street, July 2007

This is plastered all over lower Manhattan. An older example here - it was painted over recently.

Went to a friend's house yesterday for a housewarming party. He lives in a great part of Queens called Sunnyside Gardens, where attached houses all face internal common courtyards full of trees and grass. It's an urban forest - really idyllic! I had fun meeting some new people and talking to some old friends, and then walked around a bit taking photos in Queens.

I've taken so many photos of graffiti and street art in recent months that I'm finding it hard to retrain my eye to see shadows again. Or maybe I just haven't stumbled across many good ones. In any case, I feel like I want to get back to more general photography, but I discovered yesterday that you can't really try too hard. You just have to let it come.

I told everyone at the party about the Kim Richards/Paris Hilton revelation, but apparently I'm the only one who really cares about that. Hmmmm.


  1. That is pretty good handwriting for a spray can artist.

    I think you make a good point about letting thing come to you. I've found that most things in my life work that way.

    Take care.

  2. Love is viciously unoriginal. It's not worth preserving -- just wretched graffiti. Love Sunnyside though, those courtyard gardens used to all be public when it was first built but as the houses were sold and turned from rental to private coop, etc. the gardens became fenced in to individual plots and the charm was lost....or so I thought.

  3. James: Actually the gardens are still public, though each house has a small plot outside the back door, a kind of patio, that's private. It's a great neighborhood!

  4. Beautiful handwriting, and a message that would make any passerby smile.

    I still have no idea who Kim Richards is, even though I followed your link and saw a pic. of her. I didn't have a TV for decades, so I think I missed out.

  5. someone has to care steve.
    i have taken very few photos of late, partly as i am doing homework for the course, which invovles taking very boring photos to illustrate a point, partly because i am thinking too much about whati am shooting as a result of doing the course. grr! i am sure it will all balance out in the end!