Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Chatham Square, June 2007

On Saturday as I walked through Chinatown, I stumbled onto a little rally or celebration in Chatham Square, overlooked by the somber statues of Lin Ze Xu and Confucius. There was fun Chinese pop music playing, and balloons and flags. An arch had been erected covered with Chinese writing. Of course I had no idea what any of this was about.

I lingered for a few minutes, enjoying the color and the sounds, and I took some photos which I posted to Flickr. If any of you read Chinese, fill me in, OK?

Update: I should know by now not to post a question without doing a little research first. With a few Google and Wikipedia clicks, I figured out that the middle flag is for Hong Kong, which was handed over to the Chinese exactly 10 years ago on June 30. Hence, the celebration.


  1. Curtains from the '60's?? I love your readers (many of whom are, of course, part of my blog kin).

    I've been reading about Ghengis Khan, a revisionist history (favorite genre of mine) that explains how he created China ... and Russia and India, .... and and and ....

  2. A very cool image of strong red against the cool blue sky. See, then again, I learn something from your blog :)

    Peace and a happy 4th to ya!

  3. I need to take pictures of flags. tomorrow might be a good day to start. they look really interesting.

  4. yes - boo hoo for the Great British Empire, eh?


    very nice bright pic. Send us some blue sky please?