Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Long Island City, Queens, July 2007

Photos of flowers are so easy...but something about the sunlit pink against the black background was especially nice.

I'm off on my Zen retreat in just four days! I feel a combination of excitement (at the prospect of embarking on a long, intense period of practice) and dread (also at the prospect of embarking on a long, intense period of practice). This is a typical feeling for me just before a retreat -- as much as I love it, all the sitting can be difficult and uncomfortable. Funny how I can love something that, at least in the immediate sense, is not always especially pleasant.


  1. Almost nothing I love is always immediately pleasant. In fact, "pleasant" doesn't really describe anything I love. I wonder what that says about me?

    Have a fantastic time on your retreat. I'm sure you'll come back with many interesting revelations and inspirations.

    I so admire your commitment to your practice!

  2. That pinks is so pale... the flowers look so fragile and the pot looks so strong.

    Once you get into your groove, you'll be fine.

  3. Flowers are easy, but I just love taking pictures of them.

    I hope the retreat is good for you.

  4. Is it that the result makes the uncomfortable part worth the trip?

  5. The discomfort of extended sitting is nothing compared to the overall benefit. It's like having to take a shot to avoid the mumps! :)

  6. ah - sounds as though its good "in a yoga way" !