Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sunnyside, Queens, July 2007

After my post yesterday expressing my photographic preoccupation with graffiti and street art, Reya asked me if I miss noticing shadows. I do miss it. I think my eye has changed a bit, in that now I look at different things when I shoot photos. I used to be much more attuned to general lines and patterns, as opposed to the literal "writing on the wall."

Part of this may be due to the change in seasons. Summer shadows, although intense, are often much more generalized and diffuse, with leaves dappling the sidewalks and walls. Perhaps they make a better background than a main subject. Winter shadows are cleaner and more linear.

But even as I make these distinctions - which I'm not all that certain about - I laugh at myself for doing it. I mean, come on - classifying shadows? Setting values on them? Judging them, in effect? How silly.

I'm not worried. This is just a phase I'm in. I still know a good photo when I see it. I just have to be open to the seeing.


  1. It's not silly to have an aesthetic, Steve. Your eye finds beauty in clean clear lines, not so much in the fuzzy mottle of summer shadows. What's silly is when people think EVERYONE ON EARTH should share their aesthetic. That is definitely silly, but you're not intent on converting the masses to what you find beautiful, thank God!

    LOVE the pic!!

  2. Good morning Steve. Reya said it much more articulately than I could have. Follow what you love and don't over think it. :)

  3. I like clean crisp linear shadows best!

  4. nice pic steve, this fits your post perfectly.

    i took quite a few shadow pics in Perpignan - strong sharp sunlight, terribly unBritish!