Monday, July 23, 2007

Mercer Street, SoHo, June 2007

I can't remember whether I've used this photo before or not! I hope I'm not repeating myself. At any rate, I love this piece of street art, especially with its shiny gold glow on that black background.

I've been seeing fireflies in my back courtyard the last few weeks. Isn't it impressive that here, in the middle of a city block hemmed in by concrete and traffic, there's enough of an ecosystem to produce fireflies in summer? Sometimes when I look out my window at dusk I see them flashing on and off, hovering amid the branches of the horse chestnut tree. A little summer magic in the heart of Manhattan!


  1. Good morning Steve. The picture reminds me of a giant perfume bottle.

    Growing up in Nebraska, we had tons of fireflies in summer. They are so amazing to me.

  2. I love lightning bugs, as we called them in Kansas City,

    Manhattan has a really cool ecosystem - I've bought honey made from beehives located on penthouse roofs. The bees pollinate the luxurious gardens way up there on the top of the world, and produce the most delicious honey.

    Your lightning bugs are just another bit of NYC magic. Very cool!!

  3. I live on 48th Street and we have a community garden just down the street and there have been so many fireflies (or lightening bugs as we called them down south) there this year. It reminds me of my backyard when I was growing up.

  4. I miss fireflies - we don't have them in the Pacific Northwest. AND, that is a super cool picture - I love that street art, too.

  5. Cool! This street art shines a lot like the "lightening bugs" as we called them growing up. I think it's so neat you have them in the city ;) A sure sign of summer...

  6. LOVE the street art--really glowing. It seems the fireflies showed up a little later this year... but then I haven't kept track of their habits enough over the years to be certain.