Sunday, January 3, 2010

Emergency Post!!!!!!

Dear loyal Shadows & Light Readers,

I write to you this evening with sad, and disturbing news. My partner, Steve, is ADDICTED to the movie Valley of the Dolls! He claims to be fully aware of his condition, and we are seeking professional help.

After viewing the film tonight with Steve, I'm convinced of his condition: he's obsessed with "the dolls!" He knows every scene, he has memorized every line, and he is fully aware of "inside information" regarding main actor/actress personal information and even "bit player" trivia. As you gasp, please rest assured that I am applying the needed remedy: gin and tonic!

I know you must be in shock as much as I...but remember, we are, afterall, GAY! And this is "normal behavior." However, the severity at which Steve "understands" this film is disturbing to say the least! I will continue with "therapy"...I'll keep you posted.

Concerned partner,
(gay scifi fan who does not understand this obsession!)


  1. hahaha. this is very funny. it sounds as if you're enjoying new jersey in a major way. as they say, commitment in all its forms is to be applauded. i don't know if that's true in every instance, but in this one, it seems steve's commitment is definitely worth a cheer. after all, how can you argue with anything where the remedy is a gin and tonic!

  2. I like Dave's humour and dedication!

  3. Bad News, Dave. He can also recite, almost verbatim, any scene from "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life!" Not only that, but his favorite TV show is "Hazel!"

    And there's so much more dirt where that came from!

  4. I know it's serious when you are drinking gin and tonic in the WINTER! However, certain addictions call for extreme measures. But wait, maybe there's a new job somewhere in this new-found talent of Steve's!

  5. Utahdog: Re. "Hazel," that is completely untrue. My favorite TV show is "That Girl."

    But I will concede that I watched many episodes of "Hazel" and it didn't completely suck.

  6. ha! you had me there for a moment.

    I think you need to undertake a sci fi education programme with him, by way of antidote

  7. Lettuce: Oh, believe me, I have! I even watched Dr. Who the other day!

  8. That you are one of the 4 people on the planet that know what "Hazel" is pretty much proves my point!

    "That Girl" rules.

  9. VOTD!!!!

    I could quote just about every line! And acted out the pool scene (Neely, Ted and the WHORE) with my bff Joy quite a few times.

    And Steve, THAT GIRL also rules (I have all 5 seasons on DVD and actually watched all of them) but I have recently become a huge Torchwood and Dr. Who fan (thanks to Joy). But Hazel? Haven't gone there, yet.