Thursday, January 28, 2010


You know that check I was complaining about in yesterday's post? Well, it arrived yesterday afternoon. Mailed on the 13th, delivered on the 27th. I'd love to know where it's been all this time.

The important thing, though, is that I now have it. Whew!

(Photo: Steps in Greenwich Village, last Saturday.)


  1. seems when I break down and call a client when a check for a job is late getting to me, I always get "well, we sent it." and then magically the next day it arrives!

    the dates of your postmark does indicate that your check did seem to go off on a wander! thank goodness it did finally find its way to you!

  2. Whew! I'm glad you weren't counting on that check to pay the rent.

    Exactly what happened in Huntsville. At one point the guy at the post office said "It sometimes takes 3 weeks." Pony express???

  3. Ahhhh, thank God you have it in hand. Now you've got closure on your old job. Onwards and upwards.

    What a FABULOUS pic today!

  4. Love the textures, shadows, and patterns today...

    Congrats on the check's arrival! Similarly, just last night a colleague and I were wondering if/when we'd be receiving the (now late) contracts for a 2-week gig we've done every summer for the last 11 years. This morning we all received a message that the contracts were on their way. Hey, take me to Vegas while I'm hot! :-)


  5. Good for you! I've noticed that distance is not always related to delivery time when it comes to the mail.

  6. Ah, government at work...but at least it reached you...what's up with your now former abode?