Saturday, January 2, 2010

iPhone Crisis

Yesterday my new iPhone decided to crash. Yay!

I was updating iTunes on my computer, so that I could download some of the much-touted "apps" that allow me to do cool things with the iPhone. The update seemed to work OK, until I was also prompted to update the iPhone software itself. That precipitated a crash that froze the phone.

The computer said I could "restore" the phone, but that would erase all my contacts and other information. I had just manually entered all the contacts, so I wasn't thrilled about losing them. I took the phone and my computer back to the AT&T store, hoping for a better resolution, but they couldn't do much for me. So I took the plunge and hit "restore."

Miraculously, the iPhone restored itself and saved my contacts. Hamdu'llah! So all's well that ends well.

What was most interesting about this episode was my reaction -- I completely lost my cool. I was stomping around muttering about technology and the advantages of keeping things simple. I felt sort of foolish once I ironed out the problem, but I get so frustrated when devices don't do what they should. Who's the boss here, anyway?!

(Photo: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Dec. 2009)


  1. MY wife got an Ipod Touch for Christmas from the kids. We had some tense moments trying to make the thing work correctly!

    Happy New Year, Steve!

  2. When technology works, I am so happy. When it doesn't work, I want to smash whatever isn't working with a sledgehammer. It's not rational!

  3. oh yeah, I totally identify with your reaction! it's so embarrassing to fall so short of one's ideals - but it's what keeps us humans!

    I'm continually amazed as what all the iphone (and other smart phones) can do - I've been able to resist their siren's least for now!

    have fun, so what are the apps up to now? 100,000?

  4. Congratulations! You have sold your soul to technology. I am used to that litany of 4-letter words from my husband, king of all high-tech. It's a constant battle to try to take the alpha track, but it's hopeless. Glad your work was not lost after all.

  5. me too, I'm not easily irritated but technology not working can do it every time.


  6. Steve Jobs is the boss. Never question the hierarchy again.