Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An Off Day

Do you ever have one of those days when everything annoys you? Even cute babies? Well, that was my day yesterday.

The students were all dressed in pajamas for some kind of Spirit Week activity. (Apparently they'll be in costume all week, or so I'm told.) And a library volunteer showed up to reshelve books, which was a blessing, allowing me to stay behind the desk.

But still, everything seemed a struggle. The kids were amped up, maybe by their silly outfits, and I had to keep asking them to pipe down, usually to no avail. I began to despair about my job being more police officer than reading consultant. I hate being a disciplinarian. It is not a natural role for me.

And then we had trouble getting online access to one of our educational journals, and while I was working on that, a teacher on maternity leave brought her baby into the library and all my coworkers dropped everything in order to oooh and aaaah over the baby, and I was thinking, "Can't you see we have work to do?!"

I know, I'm a grump. I can't help it.

I came home and had red wine and vented to Dave, and then we watched "Star Trek" and "House of Cards" and I felt better. Maybe today will be an improvement. I think it's mostly me who needs the attitude adjustment.

(Photo: Ealing Common on Sunday -- HDR photo.)


Reya Mellicker said...

You're not a grump, Steve. At a very deep level you are processing your trip home to see your dad, going through his things with him.

It was a big and important journey. Please be gentle with yourself. You're taking it in. Of course you're grumpy.

BTW I love the word grumpy.

Ms. Moon said...

Some days are just like that.
It's okay.
I love that you're honest enough to admit that even a baby made you grumpy. Ha! That's wonderful in a strange way.

37paddington said...

We all have those days. I think what Reya said is probably true. Plus late Janaury is always a slog when you're from a tropical place.

Sharon said...

I love this photo today!

ellen abbott said...

Like everyone has said, we all have days like that, being impossible to please.

Elizabeth said...

I have those days, too. Even the baby part. Maybe today is one of them, even.


Linda Sue said...

I empathize! yesterday was annoying so I went to a movie...made it all better after seeing HER! Excellent!
Life is too short to take it too seriously. Great movie, btw.

Anonymous said...

I have MANY days like that. Usually the feeling lasts only part of the day and, as the hours move towards 5 PM, it disappears. Always try not to take it home with you!

Barbara said...

I always feel grumpy when I have an agenda and people are doing something else.

Sometimes babies are just plain annoying and many times they aren't even cute. How's that for a Scrooge attitude?!

Are you watching the British House of Cards? I can't bear to watch the next season here because I know Zoe is destined to die.


The Bug said...

Oh I so have those days! And then there are days like today where it felt like the whole day was spent uncovering errors I made months ago. Go ahead & fire me now people - I deserve it!

Maybe we're both hormonal :)