Friday, January 17, 2014

Hemingway and Ice Sculptures

Just for fun, I've been meaning to link to a couple of very short posts by other bloggers. First there's my brother's faux-Hemingway account of the South Carolina squirrel stabbing, which gave me a laugh. And then there are my blog pal Laurie's imaginative ice sculptures, which are certainly a creative way to make something beautiful out of a frigid South Dakota winter.

Otherwise, it's a sad day here at Shadows & Light, as I just learned that both the Professor from "Gilligan's Island" and Reuben the agent from "The Partridge Family" died yesterday. I spent countless hours with both of those shows as a kid, as did pretty much anyone growing up in the '70s, I'd wager. At least both actors lived long, full lives, and their shows live on in syndication. (Speaking of "Gilligan's Island," what is Tina Louise thinking lately? Why is she pretending to be 30 when she's actually more like 80?)

OK, enough of my TMZ snarkiness.

Thanks to those of you who contributed advice, suggestions and commiseration with Olga's food allergies. We have tried the cooked-chicken-and-rice route, and she does love it, but for now the packaged hypoallergenic food will work fine. Despite my whining (or "whinging," as the British would say), it's not that much more expensive than the regular food.

Today I am speaking to the first of four classes of first-graders about interviewing techniques. I have more speaking engagements with the other classes scheduled for next week. I need to go think up something to say!

(Photo: An abandoned couch, Hackney Wick. Dave said, "Who would look at a big, puffy mint green couch and think, 'It's perfect for our living room!'?")


  1. Oh dear god in heaven. Tina Louise is the most horrifying thing I may have ever seen and I have seen some horrifying stuff.
    She needs to stop it. Right now.
    Love the blog links. Your brother cracked me up.
    In answer to Dave's question- people whom we do not know and to whose houses we will hopefully never be invited to visit.

  2. I really enjoyed this post and all the links (well, except for the sad parts about the professor and Reuben). I hadn't even heard about the squirrel stabbing and your brother's account cracked me up too. The ice sculptures are gorgeous and most creative. Dave is so right to question that mint green sofa. Who even manufactures such an atrocity?

  3. Tina Louise, like the after photo of meth addiction...yikes!
    I Hope that Olga and her tummy trouble gets better. Difficult to leave the pups when they are not well...I have been housebound lately.
    But I think I'll go on down to the Piggly Wiggly git me some pork rinds or somethin special.

  4. That is one seriously decorated couch!