Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Taking Care of Business

Writing yesterday's entry got me motivated. I took care of a bunch of stuff, like finally getting Dave some Christmas presents. (Pasta bowls, a potato ricer -- by request -- and a cheese board with a special knife.) I also made us dinner reservations for tomorrow night. I tried to get us tickets to see "American Hustle" at the shmancy movie theater we both like, but they're sold out for the rest of this week, and then the movie changes on Friday. So we'll have to see it elsewhere. *sigh*

I'm making progress on the Chinese visas, too. We filled out our applications yesterday and I gathered all the supporting documents. Now I just have to take them in to the visa agency, hopefully at lunchtime today.

So, yes, China! I thought I'd mentioned this already, but evidently I didn't. Dave is going to Shanghai to conduct a middle school honor band, and I'm tagging along for the fun of it. He'll go a few days before me -- I arrive in Shanghai on Feb. 15, just in time for the concert, and then we both go to Beijing by bullet train for about five days of tourism. It will be a relatively short trip, considering the distance, but we only have a week off from work for February break. At least we'll hopefully get to see the Great Wall and learn a bit about the country. We are not taking any students -- the kids in the band all attend international schools in Asia.

I'm making progress in "The Goldfinch," which is excellent -- difficult to put down. In fact I'm going to go read it now!

(Top photo: There are six dogs underneath that cafe table, in Mile End, on Sunday. Bottom: More library detritus.)


  1. Dang. You really ARE going to China! That's amazing. I can't even imagine that. Are you excited? I would be paralyzed with anxiety. Oh, wait, I mostly am paralyzed with anxiety and that's just about life.
    Six dogs?

  2. I knew once you set down your list of things to be accomplished that you'd then just punch right through it! China! What an exciting life you and Dave lead! I live vicariously through you!

  3. What a fantastic opportunity for both of you. I'll be looking forward to the pictures.

  4. How exciting. But please bring a gas mask!

  5. Oh, how exciting!!! China!!! Whenever I hear someone is going to China I think of Anthony Bordain and his adventures with food in the East. You and your camera will have a blast!

  6. China sounds very exciting -- I've always wanted to go there (studied the language for two years in college!). I, too, am reading The Goldfinch and will sign off here to do so!