Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dinner Out

Dave and I went to dinner on Thursday at the Electric Diner, a newly reopened restaurant next to our favorite movie theater, the Electric Cinema. (That's the theater where one can rent a bed and lie down to watch the movie -- which I haven't done and probably never will, because it still seems a bit bizarre to me.) We've been meaning to go to the restaurant for ages, but both it and the cinema were closed for many months after a restaurant fire in 2012, so that delayed us. Now they're both doing a booming business. On Thursday we had a stylishly severe-looking waitress with a black bob and very red lipstick, who delivered to me a first-rate beef rib sandwich and a crunchy vegetable salad. We were very happy and we intend to go back.

(I couldn't even eat the whole sandwich -- I ate the second half last night for dinner.)

It's very rainy and foggy this morning, and from what I hear that's pretty much what the weekend is going to look like. I hope I get the opportunity for some photos, but we'll see. If not, I have "The Goldfinch" to keep me company!

(Photo: Anybody want a slightly used chair? Notting Hill, last weekend.)


  1. I love the idea of that theater except coming from New York, I'd worry about bedbugs. The theater at 84 and bway now has spacious red leather power recliners for seats and I love it. Similar principle. Thanks for your comment on my blog today.

  2. Renting a bed? How weird. Do they put the beds at the front? How could you see over the people sitting in chairs?

    Your dinner sounds delicious!

  3. Poor chair! It looks so sad, doesn't it?
    Yeah. If I want to watch a movie in bed I believe I'll just stay home.
    Now I sort of want a beef sandwich.

  4. Lying in bed in a strange place, amongst strangers, with my clothes on, in the dark where I'm prone to drift in and out of sleep during the movie...

    I'm with Mary; I'll stay home.

    Speaking of reading, have you read The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Murakami?

  5. Once again I'm all caught up with your blog :)

    Thanks for the link to your brother's blog - hilarious!

    Hope Olga is doing well. But is it perverse of me to want you to be right & the vet to be wrong? Which would mean Olga getting sick again. Yes, that's wrong - ha!