Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Grammys and Chinese Reading

I went to Paddington Station last June to photograph this window from the inside, and I didn't like the results at all. In fact, I deleted the photos. But when I recently walked by after dark and saw it from the outside, colorfully lit, I knew that was the shot to take -- especially at rush hour!

I went back to the dentist yesterday morning for my routine checkup (as opposed to last week's cleaning). The dentist took a couple of x-rays -- one on each side of my mouth -- and had a look at my teeth, but I'd say it was a fairly cursory exam. I understand why people say the United States sets the gold standard for dental care, at least for those who can afford it. My dentists in Florida and New York used to take a battery of x-rays every year and attack the slightest suspect spot with gusto. (Too much gusto, in fact -- I've always suspected I endured a few more fillings than I really needed.) This dentist, in contrast, seemed a bit too casual. She told me my teeth are in such good shape I don't need to go back to her for another nine months, and that I probably don't need the full hygienist cleaning like I got last week. What dentist in the U.S. would say that?!

I might go ahead and wait another nine months to return, but I think I'll book a thorough cleaning when I do.

Did you pay any attention to the Grammy Awards? I read the New York Times account of the ceremonies, and who are all those musicians, anyway? Daft Punk? Macklemore? I am so out of it. I not only have never heard their music, I've never heard their names. Dave and I did a quick "Grammys tutorial" last night, listening to the winning musicians on iTunes, and let's just say I am definitely old. The only music I cared to hear again was the winning classical album "Winter Morning Walks" by Maria Schneider and Dawn Upshaw, which I bought and downloaded.

I've decided to read some Chinese-themed novels in preparation for our trip next month. I'm starting with "The Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck, but since she's a West Virginian who lived in China with her missionary family, I didn't want to leave it at that. I also wanted something by an author of Chinese descent -- so I'm going to read "Waiting" by Ha Jin. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I know I keep saying this but, YOU'RE GOING TO CHINA!!???
    Have you read much Amy Tan? Not that her books are going to give you a whole lot of insight but maybe some.

  2. One of my cardinal rules is: take care of your teeth. So many conditions and diseases are linked to bad teeth you would not believe. Plus they are right next to your brain!

    I think we Americans are over focused on teeth, many times to our detriment. I think some portion of TMJ problems have to do with too much dentistry. There is no science to substantiate that!

    Awesome picture!

  3. That photo is fantastic. I love the colorful window but, more than that, I love the feeling of the photo. That hustle/bustle of a big city is infectious to me. I also notice that the photo is almost timeless. Except for a couple of pairs of athletic shoes, it could have been taken 50 to 80 years ago. Great job!

  4. I ruined my teeth when I was 16 horsing around with my father. my chin connected with his knee, hard. of my 8 front teeth...3 immediate root canals, one dead tooth, two badly chipped. hairline fractures and broken teeth continued to show up all through adulthood. I've lost count of how many root canals I've had. and all that dental work over the years was accompanied by many many xrays. in my mid-40s I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. it is common in women but I attribute it to all those dental x-rays I received without adequate protection. the lead cape they drape you with doesn't always cover the thyroid. now when I get x-rays, I hold that thing up as close to my chin as I can get it.

  5. Same Love, Macklemore and Mary was so moving and awesome, I actually got teary. Love Daft punk as well, Good to have youngins around ...

  6. I get my teeth cleaned twice a year and still manage to have a lot of tartar buildup, despite flossing every day.

    I read Waiting a few years back and recall that it painted a rather grim picture of life in China. Hopefully a lot has changed since then. I second Ms. Moon on recommending Amy Tan's books. They too are probably a bit dated.


  7. I'm so happy someone younger than I did not 'get' the awards show. I so looked forward to hearing and seeing some great entertainment but was disappointed big time. Who were those people? And I thought I had prepped by listening to a variety of Sirius radio stations...ugh! Love that photo!!!

  8. I remember reading The Good Earth. And I remember that I liked it. But that's all I remember - ha!

    I'm like Barbara - faithful flossing & regular dental appointments & I still endure much scraping during my cleanings. Sigh.