Monday, October 13, 2014

HA Crazy Day

Remember last weekend, when I had IG Crazy Day and I tromped through five IG postcodes, taking pictures all the way? Well, yesterday I did the same thing with four HA postcodes. I walked miles and miles. My feet still feel a bit numb.

HA stands for Harrow, and all these postcodes are in that vicinity in northwest London. Bleeding London had only one or two -- or in one case, zero -- photos from each one. I shot 94 streets yesterday, so now we have a representative selection from each area.

How about that patriotic balcony?

It was pretty suburban out there, and as is always true in the suburbs, I had to be flexible about subject matter. Flower gardens and cats, as always, but in some cases just an interesting group of colors.

I did find the London Zoroastrian Centre, housed in an old Art Deco movie house (I think) near the Rayners Lane tube stop. Isn't that a great building? I'm impressed that there are enough Zoroastrians in London to warrant a center.

While I was photographing the Zoroastrian Centre, this guy called me over and asked for a picture. I didn't get his name, unfortunately, but when I showed him the picture he exclaimed, "You took my movie!" And he hugged me.

Then this guy, Fred, wanted a picture too. At least I had the presence of mind to get his e-mail address so I could send him one. He did not hug me. Which is fine.

Toward the end of the day, the light began to fade, which cost me this shot. I love the colors , but my shutter speed was a bit slow and I think I moved the camera because the whole thing is blurry. Dammit!

I finally caught the tube home right about sunset. Meanwhile, Dave took Olga to the park and had a quiet day at home to work on some school stuff. He's in the middle of auditioning students for honor band, so he's got plenty to do!


  1. I bet your shots are going to be the best and most interesting of this whole project.

  2. Thanks for these glimpses into life on the other side of the pond.

  3. Blurry? I don't see blurry.

    I too was heartbroken that they killed the dog - Ebola is so cruel. A horrible virus.

    I love the pic of your living room - looks so cozy. And yes, Kong would be a perfect Klingon name!

    Can't wait to hear what you make of Frankenstein's Monster. You're so cool to read these books. Actually,, you are just plain old cool.

  4. I find it a little amusing that the guy who is intent on getting all the streets represented isn't even an English citizen. I think the last shot is fine. I don't see blurry and the dim light makes those three bright colors stand out.

  5. I had to click on the link for Zoroastrian. That is one religion I had not heard of before so, I've learned something new today.

  6. Blurry? Where? That last shot is colorful...And Reya's right...You are cool!

  7. I love that you got a hug! And I agree about the last shot - I think it's fabulous.