Sunday, October 12, 2014

Old Stuff, New Stuff

Not a whole lot to tell today. I went walking yesterday in NW9, and met these two women and their dog Skye, who greeted that boy with great enthusiasm. By the time I took the photo she had mellowed a bit. I got some good shots overall, and then came home via two buses around 1 p.m. to Skype with my mom.

I stopped off at the Apple store in the Brent Cross Shopping Center and bought a new charger cord for my MacBook Pro, as the old one was frayed and the wiring was exposed. Why are those cords so ridiculously expensive? This one cost £65, which is insane.

As I may have mentioned before, Mom is working on selling my grandmother's Steinway piano. We've talked to some Steinway dealers who claim to be interested, but they're not moving very quickly, so Mom is thinking about hiring a moving advisor to help her clear out the piano and some other family belongings that the rest of us don't want. (Mom is getting ready to downsize into more comfortable accommodations.) We talked about my grandmother's wedding china. I hate to see it leave the family, but it's very ornate and gilded and certainly isn't a style that fits my life.

However, Dave and I would have a place to store it -- at least some of it, as the set is quite huge -- because we just bought a new buffet for the dining room. Dave wanted someplace to store our dishes and hold serving plates when we have guests. He found a vintage '60s piece online for a very reasonable price, including shipping costs from Belfast. It arrived yesterday morning, allowing us to unpack a few final boxes. I'll post a picture when I take one.

Otherwise, life is pretty calm around here. Back out into the field today!


  1. Seriously thought that was Olga. She likes that boy and he likes her.
    Grandma's china? Lord. I'm glad I'm not faced with having to deal with it.

  2. Holy cow! That's over $100.00 for the charger cord? Yikes, I'm going to take better care of mine.
    I thought about you today when I was cleaning out the garage and loading up the community trash bin in the alley. Don't worry, I left plenty of room for my neighbors. :-)

  3. Calm is a good thing...Be happy you have it cause it can disappear quickly...I'm still looking for calm somewhere...

    BTW, is that the regular price for that cord? Seems a bit high...

  4. You got some interesting photos! Love the different colors in each of them. Also love "the lady in red"!
    Sorry I haven't been around lately.

  5. I have some of my grandmothers china - a pretty pink & white floral pattern. And by "have" I mean it's stored at my dad's house. Ha! Sadly, we have no space for stuff like that. If he had to downsize then it would just have to go.