Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Olga Returns to the Cemetery

I mentioned that I took Olga to Hampstead Cemetery on Saturday. This time I brought along the camera and took some photos.

The cemetery is full of gravestones and ornate statuary dating back to the Victorians. Some of it is really beautiful.

And some of the tributes are more modern and spontaneous.

There are lots of stories -- clearly many of them very sad.

There's a large, open area with a memorial dedicated to War dead. And there are a smattering of people who, if not exactly famous, were at least notable in their time:

Andrew Fisher was an Australian politician and its fifth prime minister.

Marie Lloyd was a popular music hall performer at the turn of the 20th century.

Kazimierz Wierzynski was a Polish poet.

This man, by the name of Wilson, worked for decades as an engineer in Egypt -- his Egyptian-style tomb declares him a "pasha."

Olga, of course, couldn't care less about the headstones. She just loves the grassy spaces, which, as I've said before, seems like it should please any of the graves' occupants.


  1. We're all going to die, aren't we?
    In the meantime, might as well roll on the ground with the joy of not being dead.

  2. Ms.Moon has it right :) I also enjoy walking though cemeteries,do not ask me why it is hard to explain.Perhaps there is a word for folks like us.Question: what is the history of your header photo? It is stunning and I would like to know more about who what and when,the usual you know. Have a great day.

  3. I love old cemeteries. modern ones are so sterile, not allowing monuments and in some cases just a plaque or stone flush with the ground. I much prefer the statuary.

  4. Ms Moon: Absolutely! Gather ye rosebuds and all that.

    Mary I: Cemeteries are fascinating as a rule! When you say "header photo," do you mean the birds at the top of the page? I'd like to claim it as mine but it's actually a Blogger template. It comes complete with birds. :)

    Ellen: I agree -- the old-style stones are much more interesting, and artistic!

  5. You found quite a few interesting stories to tell us about this place and I can see that Olga enjoyed it just as much as you. I bet you would enjoy taking the tour of the old part of Highgate Cemetery. It really is fascinating and a bit spooky too. I'm so glad I went again last November when I was there.

  6. what beautifully rendered angels. and olga looks deliriously happy!

  7. I love graveyards/cemeteries. The older the better. Good on you Steve: I would not know who most of these people were, famous or not. Keep rollin' Olga, I can't think of anything better if I were buried beneath.

  8. Love that last picture of Olga - she is completely blissful :)